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Confronting Sexy and Sinful Ghosts at the Stanley Hotel #PNR #Halloween #MustRead

It's that time of year when scary is fun--when you pair it with sexy, you have the perfect combination!  Today we're taking a look inside Sinful Ghosts at the Stanley Hotel, which is book two of the Uncharted Territory series by Dakota Skye. 
If you're a fan of paranormal investigation television shows, then this is a series you MUST read! 

Here's a peek inside Sinful Ghosts at the Stanley Hotel:

The blurb...

The world's sexiest paranormal investigative team, Uncharted Territory, travels to Estes Park, Colorado, to the famous Stanley Hotel. There they find horny ghosts who don't respect human boundaries and a centuries old mystery of who-done-it. 

Josh is stalked by a ghost named Annabelle who mistakes him for her long lost lover, Jonathan, but no one believes his tall tale. At the Stanley to broadcast a Halloween special live with several other famous paranormal groups, he struggles to maintain his composure while Annabelle's ghostly infatuation intensifies. 

Bethany is troubled by Josh's checked-out attitude and does not realize the danger she is in from the hotel's ghosts. During the live broadcast, she is taken hostage by the demonic spirits. Will Josh be able to break their spell in time to save her soul? 

**This is book two of the erotic paranormal suspense series, Uncharted Territory. It contains sexually explicit and adult themes**

An excerpt...

She hesitated before opening the door to her room. She'd been updated about the night's activities in her absence. Ever since seeing the infamous Annabelle for herself, she'd had a protective urge to be near Josh all night despite her date with the charming and always amusing Zack. 

She had thought of nothing else but Josh, had had a feeling that danger hung around him like an ominous cloud. 

Stepping into her room, she stopped short at the sight of him sprawled onto the bed closest to the door wearing one of the hotel's robes and pressing a white washcloth to his forehead and over his eyes. His long legs were exposed from where the robe lapsed and the purple lash on his thigh made her wince in sympathy. 

"Don told me you got beat up," she said before dropping her purse on the bed next to his and sitting on the edge. "You okay?"

"I really wish people would stop asking me that," he said without removing the washcloth from his face. "I've been molested and attacked after a long day of traveling and schmoozing. Does that answer your question?"

She grinned. "I saw Annabelle. She is a nasty looking ghost. I can't believe you had sex with that."

"I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. She's the kind of woman who takes what she wants." He pulled the washcloth away and looked her in the eye. "How was your date?"
"It wasn't a date...more like two colleagues having dinner."

"Yeah, right. I see the way you two flirt." His gaze roamed down the cleavage of her blouse. "So you saw her? You believe me now?"

She caught her lower lip between her teeth at the sight of the long narrow gash in his forehead. "I'll make sure she knows to keep her ghostly paws off of you in the future."

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the pillows. "I'm sure she won't care what you think. She's a tad aggressive." 

Jimmy Fallon joked in the background on the large television screen hanging on the wall. She glanced at it before kicking off her shoes. 

When Josh moaned and tried to push himself up, she stood to help him. "How badly are you hurt?"

"Brick to the thigh, board to the back, not sure what sliced open my head." He grinned, his blue eyes full of self-deprecating humor. "Not to mention being tossed through a door and landing pretty hard. This day has kicked my ass." 

She sighed and combed her fingers through his hair. "Yeah, well, it's a new day tomorrow. You'll get your chance for payback." 

"You smell like rum and smoke. Why is that?" His hands dropped to her hips. 

"There was a fire pit at the restaurant." She trailed her fingertips over his cheekbones. "I'm sorry you got hurt. From now on, we need to do everything as a team with a plan. You and Don can't—" 

"Shut up and kiss me." He smiled. "I know you want to, you're being all nice and sweet."
"Am I now? Am I only nice to you when I want to kiss you?"

"Usually, yes." 

"I thought you were exhausted and beaten up beyond repair." She stepped away from his touch and moved behind him. She pulled down the back of the robe to examine the welt darkening his skin. "Flying boards and bricks, huh? That takes a lot of energy."

"I don't know if it was Annabelle or this Jonathan she keeps mistaking me for." He bent his head when she began working out the knots of his shoulders. 

"We need to keep this hush-hush from the other teams." She wanted to kiss his neck, pretend to be a couple for a night, but resisted the urge. 

"Where did you see her?"

"On the veranda. She was nasty, decaying and menacing." She closed her eyes at the memory and moved her hands over his pectoral muscles. The thought of him being taken advantage of by that creature horrified her at the core level. No matter what she vocalized to the world or how she pretended to be around him, she thought of Josh as hers. Selfish, she knew, but that's how their relationship had evolved over the years and, one of these days, she would need to confess. 

She pressed her head against his shoulder and hugged him from behind. "I'm sorry you were hurt."

"I'm okay." His hands covered hers. "You know me. I'm the ultimate survivor." 

She smiled against his skin. "The weirdest things happen to you."

"Don't they, though? I told Don that very same thing." He twisted his head to look at her and his smile dissolved her hesitation. 

"I know it's been a long day, but..." She moved to straddle his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm feeling rather territorial over you. I don't like the idea of that ghost thinking she can have her way with you."

"No?" He arched an eyebrow and slid his hands up her back. "I'm really beat up tonight, getting old, I guess, but I'm yours for the taking."

She liked that idea more than she should. Smiling, she pushed against him until he fell back against the bed. 

"No, I've been put into the passive role too many times today." He shook his head and rolled her over until his body settled between her jean-clad thighs. 

"Aren't you in pain?"

"A man's gotta retain some dignity. I can handle a little pain." He stood and tossed aside his robe. 

Naked, Josh Ryder could easily grace a Playgirl spread. Damn, she'd never get tired of seeing him hard and ready, cock twitching in the air over narrow hips and abs that any male model would envy.

"Take off your clothes, Bethany." His gaze roamed over her with a possessiveness that thrilled her. 

She scooted to her knees, fingers on the buttons of her blouse as she slowly stripped for him. Every other time they'd had sex had been hurried and in some strange location—tent, beach, boat, tree. They'd never acted like civilized lovers in a bed with the lights on and room service within arms' reach. 

Smiling, she tossed her blouse and bra aside. Feeling the affects of rum and desire, she laughed and jumped to her feet. With his gaze following her every move, she undid her jeans and wiggled her hips from side-to-side as she pushed them down her thighs. Thumbs looping in the sides of her thong, she watched him bite his lip before she shimmied free of the silk. 

"Come here." He bent his finger to coax her closer to the edge of the bed. 

He moved his hands over her ribs before sliding them across her abdomen and over her breasts as if reveling in the sight of her. "You are so beautiful, Bethany. I'm sorry I avoided you in Los Angeles. I was a little freaked out."

She let him touch her without moving to reciprocate. Captivated by the look in his eyes and the tenderness of his touch, she indulged in being adored. "I'm sorry you were hurt today."

His gaze snapped to hers while his hands squeezed her breasts. "We've crossed a line and I'm not going back."

She sank to her knees on the mattress and reached for his cock. "I don't want you to go anywhere except inside me." 

"That I can do." He grabbed the back of her head and crushed his mouth over hers in a kiss meant to stake a claim. 

Mouths slid over one another's with a slow intensity that quickened her pulse and liquefied her bones. She gravitated toward him, her arms snaking over his shoulders. Their tongues teased and explored. Her nipples hardened against his chest and her thighs trembled with desire. 

His body pressed hers into the mattress, the tip of his cock poised to enter her, his mouth moving over her neck.

She reached between their bodies, grabbed his cock and urged him inside her. She didn't care about foreplay; she wanted their bodies fused together. Now. 

As if reading her mind, he slipped free of her grasp. "Condom this time. We weren't exactly prepared on that island."  

He stepped away, fumbled in his bag, and returned with a package in his hands. 

She rubbed her legs together as she watched him slide the condom over his long shaft. Every inch of her ached with need.  She licked her lips with anticipation.

His mouth claimed her breast and sucked. Teeth played mercilessly with the hard nipple. His hands moved down her arms until his fingers laced with hers. 

His cock slid against her before thrusting inside with a force that made her moan. She arched her back, shoving her breast tighter against his mouth. 

He squeezed her fingers and held her arms out to the side. Lifting his head, he met her gaze and rammed himself deeper inside her. 

She linked her legs behind his thighs and grinned at the lust darkening his eyes. She met every one of his thrusts with one of her own.

Their bodies moved together in a slow, steady rhythm that drove them closer and closer to ecstasy. 

She ached to touch him, but he held her hands firmly against the mattress. 

An orgasm rolled through her from the deep center of her being like a series of earthquakes that shattered her bones. She moaned into his mouth, squeezed his fingers, used her legs to hold him tight, ground her hips against his. 

"You wreck me," he gasped against her lips before his body shuddered over hers. 

Finally, he released her hands so he could wrap his arms around her. He buried his face against her neck.

She hugged him as tightly as she could, enfolding him in an embrace of arms and legs. When she opened her eyes, a transparent shape of a woman hovered in the corner. 

Bethany held Josh even closer and stared at the figure. 

Mine, she thought with all of her energy. Mine.

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See more about the Uncharted Territory series here:

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They are Sexy, Fearless, and Trapped in Another Dimension of the Bermuda Triangle #MustRead #PNR

Featuring book one of the Uncharted Territory series--they're sexy, fearless, funny and trapped in the Bermuda Triangle! Do you ever watch ghost hunting shows? This series is framed as a famous ghost hunting crew that travels the world investigating all things freaky and mysterious--with an erotic twist, of course! Each stand-alone novel is a new "episode" of the series. 
Check out this blurb & excerpt from Bermuda Triangle Trouble (Book One) by Dakota Skye. 

From the back cover...

The Bermuda Triangle — a source of mysterious disappearances and theories of aliens, portals, and even sea monsters — lures the world's sexiest paranormal team to its deep blue waters. 

Bethany Colton and Josh Ryder are the co-hosts of the Uncharted Territory paranormal investigation television show. They travel the world investigating the unknown, but neither can shake the feelings of doom on their journey into the Bermuda Triangle.

When the crew of their yacht vanishes, Josh and Bethany dive into the depths in search of answers. A mysterious force pulls them into another dimension, however, and the duo needs to find a way back to their team. Stranded on a lost island, Josh and Bethany battle their fears, attempt to find another time portal, and traverse their complicated sexual relationship. 

Will they find their way back and solve the mystery of their missing crew? Will their tumultuous off-screen relationship find any resolution in the face of a life-and-death situation? 

**This is book one of an ongoing erotic paranormal romance series that contains explicit sexual situations**

An excerpt (adult content) 

Overcome with all the emotions swirling through her, she bent over and pressed her hands against her knees. Never one to panic before, she closed her eyes. One deep breath in...another slow one out. Repeat. 

Josh dropped his hand against the small of her back. "Hey, Ms. Always-in-Control, we're together and we're alive. That counts for something. Let it out. We'll figure it out because we always do."

"Yeah, right, whatever you say." She stood and shook her hands at her side, unable to stop the racing emotions. 

"Hey." He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. "Look at me." 

She opened her eyes in time to see him shove a piece of white coconut flesh against her lips. Slowly, she opened her mouth and began to chew without looking away from his steady gaze. Yeah, Josh Ryder definitely had sexy down to a science. Even in a crisis, he managed to ooze sex appeal and charm. 

Sometimes she really hated the man. 

"Let me go." She twisted free of his touch and stepped back while she finished chewing. 

"Why did you hook up with that guy last night?" he whispered and took a step toward her. 

She swallowed and looked past him to wear the coconut lay open. "I need another piece."

He grabbed her elbow and stopped her from leaving. "Why do you like anonymous fucks rather than the real deal?"

"The real deal?" She snorted and looked him in the eye. "What do you know about that and do you honestly think this is a good time to talk about my sex life? We have many other—"

"Stop it, Bethany." He pulled her close, forced a hand through her tangled mass of hair, and held her head steady. "We could have died, but didn't. Would it be so bad for us to have an honest conversation about what's going on between us? For once we don't have cameras going or anyone to watch our every move."

She swayed toward him as if pulled by magnetic energy. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and indulged in the sensation of being held after such a tumultuous experience. Giving in to temptation would be easy. Living with it would be a catastrophe. 

"There's nothing going on between us. We're partners, that's it."

His eyes searched hers. He slid his hand up her side, fingers gently easing her closer. "We're pretty damn good partners."

"We were just propelled through some mysterious underwater time warp, doesn't that concern you?" 

"I'm not going back in the water, if that's what you're thinking. I know those hammer—"

"I'm not suggesting we go back out." She pressed her hands against his chest intending to push him away. Instead, her fingers splayed against his hard flesh and lingered. "You must think I'm insane to—"

"I think you're the most extraordinary person I could ever know and, if I need to be stranded on a deserted island, I'm happy I'm with you."

Don't look at him, avert your eyes, don't get pulled in. She fixated on his mouth. "This is dangerous."

"We've been in worse situations." He grinned and bent his head to kiss her. 

When his lips touched hers, she knew that a logical woman would push him away and tell him to focus. 

She opened her mouth to his and slid her hands from his chest to his shoulders. 

A logical person would be seeking shelter or preparing a fire or looking for more to eat or...

To hell with logic. 

Lips moved over one another's with deliberate slowness, a direct counterbalance to the erratic energy emanating between them. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, she melted against him as if she no longer had free will. Her body hummed with the need for connection. 

Closing her eyes, she savored the taste of him—salty with a hint of coconut. Wet. Hot. Hard. 

He lifted her and, without breaking the kiss, pressed her back against a palm tree. He shoved her bikini bottoms down her hips with one hand while the other undid the knot holding her bikini top in place. 

No longer caring about common sense or mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, she slid her hand beneath his swim trunks and grasped his erection. The only thing that mattered in the Universe happened right here, right now with Josh. Every sense and each molecule in her being aligned with his. 

The rasp of their breathing surpassed the sound of palms whispering in the breeze.

The feel of his hard cock in her hand eclipsed the scratch of the tree's trunk against the bare skin of her back. 

The sensation of his tongue dancing with hers drowned out the echoes of caution. 

The taste of his mouth became as intoxicating as any alcohol she'd ever known. 

The fact that they could have died—probably should have if the laws of the Universe were applied—amplified the desire to merge their bodies into one entity fueled by passion. Hands grasped at one another, greedy for flesh. Mouths clung to each other as if mutual satisfaction would be the only way to quench their hunger. 

She linked her ankles behind his hips; he held her wrists above her head against the tree trunk. Gaze locked together, they both smiled, lips against each other's, as he slid his cock inside her. 

Held up only by his hips thrusting against hers, his hands gripping her wrists, and his mouth firmly against hers, she felt vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. Sex with Josh had always surpassed any random fuck she had had with anyone else. Her heartbeat drummed like the finale in a grand symphony with every thrust, each breath that met in their joined mouths. 

They moaned in unison as an orgasm simultaneously quaked through their bodies. With a muted cry, he released her wrists, grabbed her hips and fell backward onto the sand. 

She buried her face into his shoulder, unsure if she could move or speak. Her body still vibrated with the aftershock of orgasm. Sweat slid between their abdomens. 

"That's what I was talking about," he said after a long silence filled only with their breathing and the sound of the ocean. 

"What were you talking about? I forget." She nipped his shoulder, unwilling to break their bond. 

He caressed her back with his fingertips moving in slow circles. "Us."

She sighed before lifting her head and noticing his smug smile. She clenched her vagina muscles that still held his penis inside her. "Don't ruin this by talking."

"Keep doing that and we'll be in for another round." He squeezed her ass, a dare in his eyes. 

She pressed her hands against his shoulders, raised up so that her nipples barely grazed his chest, smiled down at him, and tightened her pelvic floor. "Pilates pays off, doesn't it, babe?"

"In more ways than one." He lifted his head to look at her bare breasts. "Damn, with a body like yours, you really should be naked all of the time." 

She thought the same of him, but decided not to admit it. Not yet. Admissions of any kind weren't her style, even if her heart did a backflip at the idea that there could ever be an 'us' beyond the professional and the friendship. 

He hardened inside of her while his hands moved over her body as if discovering a lost piece of art. He lifted her breasts while his thumbs teased her nipples. 

She tilted her head back and fucked him again because it felt damn good to be alive, to be here, to be with him. She rode him like a sea goddess conquering a mortal. Hard. Fast. Merciless. 

He arched his back, his head pushing back into the sand, as he moaned her name. His fingers sank into the side of her hips as he rammed upward as if wanting to bury himself in her body. 

Hands pressed against his chest, she dropped her head back and shouted toward the sky when the orgasm ripped her in two. 

 Keep reading and let the adventure begin! 

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Fanning the Flames with this HOT Firefighter #Romance #NewRelease

What's hotter than a guy jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft into a raging wildfire? Not much...but when that same guy who is tough on the outside proves how sweet his is on the inside for the love of his life who he let slip have the makings for a powerful story with gripping characters. That's Seducing the Flame, a new release by Amber Lea Easton. Check out the blurb and an excerpt below, then get your copy NOW! 

From the back cover...

Flames rip through southern Colorado and fire crews from across the US rush to battle the Million Dollar Fire. Devon Ross never thought he would step foot into his hometown of Ouray again, but as captain of the Flame Slayers—an elite fire jumping squad out of California—his call to duty thrusts him onto a collision course with his past.

Darby Shaw can't believe her eyes when she sees Devon at the makeshift camp for the fire crews. He had disappeared—literally—ten years ago and his possible whereabouts had become a source of town lore. Seeing him here, now, under these crisis conditions, creates a whirlwind of conflict within her. The last time she had seen him face-to-face, she had whipped him with her wedding bouquet. 

There is an arsonist in their midst. When a second fire develops southeast of town, the life and death struggle intensifies. 

Devon may be brave when facing down a fire, but is he courageous enough to confront his reasons for cutting ties with his family and friends? Can Darby come to terms with the depth of her past betrayal? Will the seduction of the flame be more powerful than love? With the fire roaring its way through the mountain landscape, time works against them as they struggle to heal what went wrong between them for a second chance at a what-if. 


History brewed like a slow-burning fuse between them, yet they both chose to ignore it. She had no idea when or if they would ever have a deep discussion or all-out argument about what had happened ten years ago—but she honestly didn't know if it was necessary. Being with him now felt more precious and more important than dwelling on pain a decade old. 

They walked in an easy silence through the series of log cabins nestled in their own corners of seclusion behind trees and bushes until coming to one that stood at the very end of the path. Devon stepped onto the front porch and sat in the swing. He tugged on the chains holding it to the ceiling before looking at her with a question in his eyes. 

She remembered this cabin—it seemed to always be off the registrar, in a constant state of supposed renovation. She wondered if the Ross family—including Lester and Matilda—had a reason for keeping it as a sneak-away retreat for family only. She sat on the swing with him and tucked her legs beneath her hips while he moved it to-and-fro with his foot. 

She took a moment to simply look at him. Age had treated him with kindness. He was more handsome now than he had been at twenty-three, which said a helluva lot. He was now one hundred percent man—no trace of the boy remained. Little lines shot out from the corners of his blue eyes. His face appeared sharper, more defined. And his mouth...she studied his lips as they curved into a smile under her scrutiny...she wanted the right to kiss him whenever she wanted. 

And she wanted. 

"Tell me about this shirt."

"Women go wild for me where ever I go—they try to rip the clothes right off of me. It's kind of embarrassing." 

She laughed and linked her fingers through his. "I bet you go through a lot of shirts."

"I do. It's kind of problem. I've really needed to adjust the budget to account for it."

She wanted to say more than she had yesterday but had no idea where to start or how to begin. If she said too much, he could disappear. If she said too little, then she might always regret it when he left. With a sigh, she realized that both scenarios ended with him walking away. 

He tilted her face up to his with his index finger and simply stared into her eyes. "I never wanted to hurt anyone. I thought I was doing everyone a favor by leaving."

She curled her hand around his wrist. "I know you did, that's why it's so sad."

He dipped his head and kissed her slowly. His hands moved down to her waist and he pulled her onto his lap. He kissed her neck while his fingers undid the buttons of her shirt until he pressed it open to reveal her bra. His head dipped into her cleavage. He hands reached around her back to undo the clasp to free her breasts from the purple lace. When his tongue flicked over her nipple, she gasped and clenched his head closer to her. 

Every move, every touch, every kiss, every caress was done with slow deliberation. She tilted her head back and allowed him to make love to her breasts with his hands and lips and teeth and tongue. 

She ripped the tattered shirt from his shoulders and tossed it aside. She laughed against his mouth as he muttered, "There goes another one." 

They moved from the porch swing to the porch floor. She touched his tattoos on his chest and arms—some old, some new. 

He brushed the hair from her face before claiming her lips with a tenderness that broke her heart. His hand kneaded her breast, his thumb teased her nipple, his knee parted her thighs. She arched her hips against him, craving connection. 

"Devon! Are you out here?" Lester. "Kiley said you were out this way. Devon! Oh, sorry, oh, I, uh," Lester darted behind a tree. 

"I'm kind of in the middle of something, Dad." Devon laughed against her neck and whispered, "Don't move. My dick's about to bust out of my pants. Give me a minute to think of something else." 

"Someone named Tucker is here looking for you. He said there's been a development back at the camp but you left your phone in your tent so he drove over," Lester explained his interruption. 

Devon moaned against her hair, gave her breast a final squeeze, and pushed himself up so he could see her face. Eyes full of regret and desire, he sighed. "Duty calls." 

She kissed his neck and whispered against his skin, "What a damn shame." 

He pulled her to her feet, bent close to her ear, and whispered, "It didn't work with the teacher because she wasn't you." 

"I'm sorry, Darby," Lester called out from where he remained behind the tree. "I didn't know you two were...when exactly?, that's fine. I don't need to know...but I am curious, but, no, I don't need to know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt." 

Stunned at Devon's admission, she said nothing as she adjusted her bra and shrugged back into her shirt. Once again, she watched Devon walk away and wondered if this would always be the way it was between them—her in disarray watching him leave.

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When an Astrology Reading Goes Awry #paranormal

Wow, did I get whammied! I went to my astrology group where we were supposed to be discussing eclipses and their significance in our own charts. I mentioned that I had a catastrophe occur in my house on July 11 so the leader of the group--Malcolm--pulled up my chart to look. The solar eclipse occurred on July 12, by the way. He analyzes my chart and puts in those dates--he says that it was all lined up to have a big blow to my home and money (which happened) and that I had a legal one-on-one situation then too (I got a speeding ticket the next day). That's all in sync and interesting and not the whammy I'm talking about--what happened next left me feeling very upset.

He passed around the computer to others in the group who all moaned and "oo'd and ah'd" about how bad it was and how I needed to be careful. No other explanation. Just a lot of sympathetic looks and words of caution to be "careful" and "cautious with people." One woman told me to "get myself together and figure out my job". I was blown away because none of this was helpful to me. I only mentioned the roof incident because I was curious how that lined up with the eclipse--now suddenly I'm getting words of warning and told how miserable my chart is.

If it's so bad, then what's the use in trying? If the planets are aligned to keep me down and miserable, then what is the F'n point?

In the past few months, I've had two new releases--Decadent Deception and Spark--yet they're telling me to figure out my job? I was so confused.

Here's the thing--I am no stranger to psychics or empath classes. I normally enjoy my astrology group because I'm so curious and eager to learn. I know that instilling fear in someone is NOT the way to go--especially all the dire warnings of "be careful" with no explanation. Be careful of what exactly? Answering my door? Driving? A rabid cat? An ex showing up? WHAT? Am I supposed to lock myself in my house and never go out again? Is all the work I've done over the past two years when I lost everything and rebuilt it in a new city for nothing? Is my life just going to get worse? I mean, what the hell?

Now, I know a lot of people will say "don't take it seriously" or "blow it off"--but he nailed the trauma to my house and the speeding ticket (which they knew nothing of) when he looked at my chart. And I have been studying the paranormal for years. I'm good friends with psychics and witches and empaths--none of them would issue such dire forecasts to anyone, by the way.

No, this experience was traumatic. To have my chart passed around in the group with a half dozen astrologers ooing and ahing and muttering how bad it was--without being specific--is NOT a good feeling. I started shaking. My head started hurting. My heart raced. I started sweating.

I mean, all I wanted to know was how eclipses could influence my decisions on my chart, which was the group topic for the day. I had no expectation of leaving there a nervous wreck worried about dying on the way home with all their pitying looks and hand grabs and words of "be careful".

This isn't how it's supposed to work. I know this, yet am very frustrated by it. The woman who told me I was a mess and needed to figure out my job and my life--her words gnawed at me to the point where I had to start journaling. I admit to being a mess in the past, but right now I am the calmest I have been in years. And, like I said, I just released two new books! Yet, her words also fed into my self-doubt because I'm someone who has been through hell--absolute, utter, traumatic fucking hell--these past two years. Maybe I'm not doing enough? Maybe no matter what I do I'm fucked? If that's the case, then why try?

Yes, I will shake off the nerves in a day or two--but I know that those words "be careful" are going to stick with me for awhile. Be careful of WHAT? And I will have that gnawing doubt that the planets are lined up against me--how does a person escape that?

Frazzled and confused,
Dakota Skye

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Can Their Secret Affair Survive the HEAT? #newadult #romance #newrelease

Shining the spotlight on HEAT by Cassidy Springfield. Their love affair is a secret--and she likes it that way--but when a wildfire threatens her hometown, everything changes. This is a new adult romance...peek inside below!

Back cover blurb...

Kiley Ross and Leo Marshall have a secret. He's her indulgence, her vice. She's his compass, his impossible dream.

Kiley is home for the summer between graduating the University of Colorado and attending graduate school out-of-state in the fall. Everything is changing—friends are scattering across the world, her long lost brother has appeared out of nowhere, a wildfire is threatening the family home, and her secret affair with the local outsider—Leo—is exposed.

As the wildfire ravages the forest around the small town of Ouray, she realizes what really matters and what truly doesn't. Her resistance toward change forces her to come to terms with her own failings—or risk losing the friendships and relationships that mean so much to her. Can she break free of the expectations that have held her back in time to rescue her love affair with Leo? Can he forgive her for wanting to keep him a secret? Confronted with seeing everything she has ever known burn to the ground, can Kiley rise up and step into her own power?

Adult content excerpt...

I step toward him, more scared than I have ever been about anything. I'm scared of being rejected. As long as we were only a fling, we were free to go at any time with no explanation. As long as we were a secret, my friends wouldn't question me and I wouldn't need to defend us. As long as we were sneaking around, I wouldn't be rejected by my family or forced to argue. 

I continue walking toward him until I am a few inches away. The hair on my arms is standing on end. My heartbeat is throbbing in my neck. 

"I think I am in love with you," I whisper, the words choking from my throat. I have never made myself this vulnerable in my life. 

Someone somewhere sometime told me to never be the first to say I love you in a relationship. I believed it and now the idea that he might laugh at my admission has my feet frozen to the ground. 

"You're the only one who knows me—the real me, I mean," I say when he remains silent too long. 

He stares at me, his gaze skimming over my eyes, my face, my hair, and back again. 

"I don't know why I said all those mean things. I don't believe them."

"You know what people are going to say, don't you? I'm a high school drop out and you're on your way to get a PhD. I—"

"I don't care." Emboldened by him speaking, I reach for his hand. "Three years, Leo. Why have you been going along with this arrangement for that long if you don't feel the same way about me as I feel about you?"

"How do I know what you're saying right now is true?" He pulls away from my touch and moves to a chaise lounge set up on a boulder surrounded by rose bushes. He sits down, props his elbows on his knees, and looks off into the distance. 

For being such a smart girl, I realize only now how terrified I am of being abandoned. My brother Brandon had died when I was twelve, he was only seventeen. He had died of an accidental overdose of heroin when visiting Devon in Boulder. The details are sketchy, but I know that his death caused a chain reaction where my parents watched my every move and controlled every aspect of my life until I went to college. 

I remember the last time I saw Devon, who was twenty-three at the time of Brandon's death. He had been running down the hallway at the hospital, away from me, ignoring me when I called to him. He never said goodbye. In one night, I lost two brothers and no one had ever told me why or explained anything to me.

So, in reality if I look at the situation straight on, I know that was the instant I stopped telling anyone how I truly felt about anything. I never wanted to rock the boat, never wanted to be rejected, never wanted to be left again. 

I join him on the chaise, sitting cross-legged behind him. I pull the sleeves of my dress over my hands and exhale. How do I convince him that what I'm saying is true? 

"Do you care that you dropped out of high school, Leo? You got your GED, you worked on your music, you have a great band..." I inch closer to his back. He hasn't moved or spoken since we sat down. "No one cares about high school bullshit or small town attitudes in the real world. I don't. Or is it that you are bothered by me wanting to be a neuropsychologist? Are you intimidated by me?" 

"I'm not intimidated by you," he whispers.

"No?" I smile because he sounded like a little boy when he said that. "I know I'm falling in love with you because you are the only person on this earth whose opinion of me actually matters." He sighs, his shoulders heaving with the effort. I scoot a little closer. "I know I am in love with you because the thought of never seeing you again, or never kissing you again, or never touching you again scares me more than anything." I drop my hand against his shoulder. 

He looks at me then and I'm shocked to see tears in his eyes. He shakes his head. "I want to believe you."

"So believe me." I wrap my body around his from behind—my legs around his hips, my feet on his knees, my arms around his chest, and my chin against his neck. "I will go into the great room right now and scream 'I love Leo Marshall' if that will make you take me seriously." 

He holds my hands in both of his and laughs. "Please don't. I'm not sure how having a girlfriend will affect my image as a sexy lead singer. It might be bad for business." 

I kiss the side of his neck and tighten my legs around him. 

"I'm sorry I made a scene in front of your mom earlier." He caresses my legs from knee to thigh and leans backward against me. We look each other in the eye. "Does this mean you don't want us to end when you move to Los Angeles?" 

"I'll keep you around until I find someone sexier, less dramatic..." 

His gaze moves over me until locking on my neck. Abruptly, he sits up and shifts positions so that we're facing each other. He grazes his fingers over my neck and frowns. "What happened to you? Are these bruises?"

My hand rushes to my neck. I think of Joshua. I nod. 

"It's okay, don't worry about it," I say. 

"I'm worried about it, what happened?" 

"Joshua got a little out of hand."

"Out of hand how?"

"He didn't like being blown off, he attacked me, wanted to..." Tears shimmer in my eyes and I can't stop them. I've held too much in for too long. Emotion breaks out of me. 

"He attacked you?" His hands are on either side of my neck and he's flicking his gaze between the bruises and back to my eyes. "Tell me everything."

"We were fighting about you, he said if I could give it up to you, then I could give it up to him." I hold his wrists when he tries to pull away. I keep him close to me. "Calvin Ritchie actually kicked his ass for you so calm down." I tell him the whole story. He presses his forehead against mine. His thumbs smooth away the tears that slide down my cheeks. Telling him feels right. I tell him everything—it's like a dam has busted open and I can't shut up. 

I tell him about how I feel like a fraud, how I'm scared about moving away, about how I worry that I might fail, how disgusted I was being that close to Joshua, how I've felt like I couldn't express myself after Brandon died and Devon disappeared, how much I love him and how I hope he can forgive me for being such a bitch. 

At the end of my rush of words, he kisses first one eye and then the other to stop my tears. His fingers trace my cheekbones as if I am the most delicate flower he has ever touched and he's afraid to break me. When his lips caress mine, I sigh. 

He presses me back onto the chaise. My fingers tangle in his hair. He tugs off his shirt. He is lean and sculpted and gorgeous and mine. He straddles my body and slides his hands up the side of my thighs that are trapped between his knees. I move my hands over his chest and enjoy him watching me touch him. 

He rolls my dress up over my body one inch at a time. The slowness of his actions intensifies the power of seduction. I suck in my breath as the coolness of the mountain air slides across my bare skin. He pulls the dress over my head and tosses it onto one of the rose bushes. His fingers slide over my shoulders and dip between my breasts before he reaches behind me to loosen my lace bra. He drops it to the side. 

I watch him looking at me. I twist my hips. I ache for him. The need is painful. 

His touch is a barely-there caress as his fingertips skim across my breasts and down my abdomen. He tugs down my panties and works them down the length of my legs until he reaches my cowboy boots. Laughing, he pulls off one boot and then the other before sliding the panties over my feet. 

I lie naked in front of him in the hazy moonlight surrounded by pine trees and roses and lavender with the cool breeze kissing my skin. My nipples harden from a combination of cold and desire. 

He stands at the end of the chaise and removes his jeans and then his underwear until his erection stands free. 

We look at each other in silence. We no longer need words, not right now. 

His hands curve over my ankles. He kisses my knees, my thighs, my center, my abdomen, my breasts, my shoulders, my neck, and my mouth. 

I part my legs for him. 

He nudges them further apart. He slides inside me and gasps against my mouth. 

I arch my back against him, needing to be as close as we can be. My breasts flatten against his chest. He pulls my braid. He nips my lips. 

I embrace him. I slide my tongue against his. We grind our hips against each other—him going deeper and me egging him to go even further. It's as if our bodies are melting together as one and we'll never be separate beings again.

I am his; he is mine. 

"I love you, Kiley," he whispers against my hair. "I love you so much." 

I cry again because I had no idea how desperately I have wanted to hear those words. "I love you, Leo. I really do." 

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