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A SPARK of Passion Ignites an Inferno #NewRelease Erotic #Supernatural #Romance

The Wildfire Romance Series is a shared world where multiple authors tell the tale of a wildfire threatening the town of Ouray, Colorado, from differing perspectives. All stories are stand-alone books that share common landmarks, a few overlapping characters, and the same crisis situation. This blog hop connects all stories so readers can take a peek inside each one. 
The link to various posts are below the excerpt.

Featuring Spark, Book Four

From the back cover...

Calvin Ritchie wants solitude and isn't about to let a wildfire stop him from doing exactly what he wants. An action-adventure movie star, he is in Ouray for a weekend as far away from prying eyes as he can get. He is at a crossroads in his life. As part of a group of fallen angels that needs to either find redemption or be damned for eternity, Calvin is being tested by both light and dark forces.

When a sexy movie star wants to hire her to guide him into Box Canyon despite the wildfire raging miles south of town, local mountain guide Willow Leslie says yes. Never one to turn down an adventure—or a big payday—she ignores the warnings and trusts her skills as they head out for a holiday weekend. 

What they don't know is that an arsonist is loose in the forest and has started a second fire that traps them in the canyon. Bound by survival, they embark on a journey of erotic exploration and internal reckoning as the flames spread closer each day. 

Will Calvin find that spark of redemption he needs to rescue them from certain death? Can Willow learn to trust someone other than herself enough to let love melt her jaded heart? 

An excerpt (adult content)

"Are you saying that you're an angel, Cal?"

"You don't need to believe me. I understand." 

She snuggled closer against him and stared through the darkness at the outline of his profile. Goosebumps shimmied across her skin. A shiver rolled through her body. His touch, the energy zapping from his body to hers, his magnetism...the wings hadn't been a hallucination. Rather than fear, fascination rippled through her mind. 

"You're being very calm."

"What am I supposed to do? Angel or not, you're my client and here we are." 

He laughed and pulled her closer. "That is so matter-of-fact."

"Did you expect hysterics?"

"You were hysterical outside. I was angry. I thought you were a supernatural being and that this was a trap."

"Why would you think that?"  

"Because of your tattoo. The angel is someone I know."

She pushed herself up at that news. A chill slid over her skin. She prided herself on being open-minded, but there came a point when logic needed to take precedent. Like now. Could he be using her tattoo—a representation of something important to her—as a joke?

But that didn't explain the wings—unless he had drugged me. 

"Is this all a joke to you, Cal? That angel I saw meant something to me. I've seen her three times in my life—each time she saved my life, diverted me from a certain death. I am not crazy. I am not some silly—"

"Stop." He sat up, too, and framed her face between the palms of his hands. "I am not treating you like a joke, I swear. I don't know why I needed to have you take me here—I honestly don't know why I am here. I am telling you the truth. I didn't expect to sleep with you either. I had planned on being on my best behavior."

She snorted. "Are you ever on your best behavior, Cal?"

"That's kind of my problem. That's is why I'm a fallen angel and my time for redemption is now." He pressed his forehead against hers. "I have never told my secret to a human before, never. Whatever is going on, I believe we are on the same path."

"Now you're kind of scaring me," she admitted. 

"Don't be scared. I will never hurt you. I promise. Never." He kissed her. His lips meandered over hers, sliding and teasing until she kissed him back. 

His touch hypnotized her. The energy zapping from his skin was like a drug that pulled her in and soothed her worries. He flicked his tongue across her lips. In the dark like this, sight was limited so every other sense ignited tenfold. He pulled her sweater off and then his own until their bare chests pressed together. 

She roamed her hands across his shoulders and over his back, kissed his face and his neck. She wanted to explore his body as thoroughly as he had explored hers. She crawled on top of him and thrust her tongue into his mouth. His hands pulled her pajama pants off and she wiggled her hips to help him. Without breaking the kiss, she worked on stripping him free of his clothes too until they were sitting naked on the pile of blankets and pillows wrapped in the dark cocoon of their private tent at the bottom of a deep slice of earth. 

"Don't be scared," he whispered as he shifted his hips and pulled her onto his erection. "Ride me, don't be scared." 

"I am not scared of you." She braced her hands on his shoulders and sank onto his cock. His girth filled her, stretched her. 

He held her close and nipped her neck. 

His hands moved over her back, her hips, her breasts. His lips kissed her neck, her chin, her mouth. A whoosh enveloped them and she felt the caress of feathers on her bare skin. Whatever shadows had been in the room were blocked out by the added layer of...wings. Black angel wings. 

She gasped and tipped her head back. They were enveloped in the shelter of angel wings. She rode him hard, savoring the sensation of his mouth on her body, the feathers brushing her skin, his fingers sinking into her hips, and his cock filling her cunt. 

The orgasm was fast and intense. Her entire body quaked with wave after wave of ecstasy.

Calvin called out against the side of her face. His fingers sank deeper into her hips as he thrust his hips up and ground himself deeper into her. 

She collapsed against him, wrapped her arms around his neck. Tentatively, she reached down his back and felt the wings there—felt them flutter under her touch. Mesmerized, she clung to his body while moving her hands through the wings. "I swear to God, if you've drugged me and this is all some kind of hallucination, I'm going to kill you in the morning. I know many places to get rid of  a body."

He laughed against her hair. "I've never done this before. I have never allowed a human see me like this." 

"Why me?" 

"I don't know." He kissed the side of her face. "I suppose I don't need to tell you that this is a secret."

"I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them, you don't need to tell me that." She leaned back just far enough to look him in the eye through the darkness. Still enveloped beneath the arc of his wings, she combed her fingers through his hair. "I don't have best friends that I confide in anyway so you have nothing to worry about. You're safe with me." 

He held her tight. His cock twitched inside of her. They stayed like that for a long time—joined as one, sheltered beneath his wings, with only the sound of their breathing and their heartbeats in the small space. 
She blinked back tears and tightened her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. She felt safe with him –and she hadn't felt safe for years. Not like this. 

"I don't want you to go to the nowhere place," she whispered against his ear. 

"Me either, sounds incredibly boring. Can you imagine? No drugs, no alcohol, no sex?" 

She laughed because—safe or not, he was still a very naughty angel. 

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Sweets Plus Secrets Plus Seduction Equal a Decadent Deception #NewRelease EROTIC #PNR

It's go time! This is one h-h-hot book that has sweets to satisfy your sugar fantasies, scintillating sex to keep you squirming, and suspense to keep you riveted from page one to the end! Here's a taste to wet your appetite.

From the back cover...

Sweet temptations, sinful secrets, and scintillating seductions—psychic Lisa Vanderveen sees it all and wants to do whatever it takes to change Fate. But Fate is determined to toy with her by bringing the man of her visions directly to her door. 

Blake Santore does not believe in psychics, let alone an animal communicator, however, he will do anything to help his best friend, a German Shepherd named Greg. He is unprepared for the shocking tale she weaves of a deception so unforgiveable it rocks his already fragile world. 

Together they are bonded by undeniable chemistry and a deep need to uncover the truth. Their quest leads them on a dangerous and erotic journey. Secrets are revealed and desire clouds rational thought. Will the truth set them free or destroy their lives? Will love triumph over the need for revenge? 

An excerpt (adult content...of course) 

She waited for him under the awning, the keys to her Mini dangling from her fingertips. He snagged them before grabbing the back of her head and grinding his mouth against hers. 

Wanting more than anything to make her laugh again, he dragged her into the rain without releasing her mouth. He crushed her body to his and thrust his tongue against hers until she curled her hands around his neck. Rain pelted his head and soaked through his shirt, but he didn't care. 

"Blake," she gasped against his lips.

He sucked on her bottom lip and stared into her eyes. "What?"

"We're soaking wet."

"So?" He moved his hands over her back before molding them to her ass, uncaring that they were blocking the entrance to the restaurant or that people darted by them on the sidewalk trying to get out of the rain. 

She laughed, her breath warming his skin. "Are you going to fuck me right here against the side of the building?"

"I'm thinking about it." He gave her ass a final squeeze before stepping away and snagging her hand. Hehadgotten the response hehadwanted. Laughing, he pulled her toward her Mini-Cooper

They both collapsed inside the car, completely soaked to the skin, and laughed at their predicament. 

"We're acting like children," she said with a smile as she adjusted the heat. 

"Children don't do what we do." He winked before focusing on driving them out of the city. 

Cobblestone roads rushed with water, the storm turning streets to streams. With the swooshing of the windshield wipers and the sound of their breathing over the quiet music from the radio, the confines of the car created an erotic setting where their body heat steamed the inside of the windows. 

At a stoplight, he glanced toward her and noticed her nipples standing erect against the thin fabric of the dress. Her mascara had run a little, creating a shadow beneath her eyes and her lips were swollen from his rough kiss in the street. Droplets of water clung to her bare knees and he wanted nothing more than to lick them from her skin. 

Abruptly, he pulled over into an alley and shoved the car into park. Without waiting for her to speak, he jumped out of the car and raced around to her side. He yanked the passenger door open and pulled her out. 

"What the hell, Blake?" 

"I can't wait one more minute to sink myself inside you." He pushed her up against a brick wall and peeled her dress up and over her head before she could react. 

She automatically covered her bare breasts and looked up and down the alley while licking rain off of her lips. "We could get arrested! We were being followed."

"Do you see anyone following us? I don't." He nipped her neck with his teeth before ripping her lacy panties from her body. 


"Saying my name like that only makes me hornier." He worked his zipper down before wiggling free of his jeans and underwear, needing to free his throbbing erection. 

Before she could say one more word, he grabbed her ass, lifted her up, pressed her hard against the wall, ground his mouth against hers and thrust deep inside her warmth. He loved the wildness of the moment, hadn't realized until hehadmet her how desperately hehadcraved losing control and forgetting the world. Now that hehadbeen unleashed, however, he doubted hewouldever be able to rein himself back in. 

He slid his mouth down her neck and squeezed her breast with his left hand. He didn't care if they were caughthell, the idea actually turned him on even more. Water pooled around their ankles and dripped between their bodies. A clap of thunder echoed through the narrow alley. 

Her fingers pulled on his hair, her legs tightened around his hips, her high-heeled shoes ground into the back of his thighs, her cunt convulsed around his dick in orgasm. 

He bit her shoulder before returning his attention to that delectable mouth of hers. God, he could survive onthe taste of her alone. He came with a final thrust deep inside of her. The thunder drowned out his own shout of ecstasy. 

She laughed against his mouth and smoothed her hands over the side of his face. "You surprise me."

He pulled free of her and kissed his way down her neck, between her breasts, over her abdomen, and down her legs before picking up the discarded dress and looking up at her. 

"You are so damn beautiful," he said.

She grabbed the useless dress and jumped into the front seat naked. "I'm going to get pneumoniaand die. Can we go home now?"

He pulled up his jeans and adjusted himself as he walked back to the driver's side. Satiated, he settled behind the wheel and took a minute to observe the naked and wet woman next to him. When they made eye contact, they both burst out laughing. 

"You know those people in New York you asked about?" he asked as he leaned in for another kiss. "They would all be shocked and scandalized if they knew what we just did."

"Most people would be, I think," she said against his lips. "Now let's get home. I'm naked and freezing."

He needed no more encouragement. He also wanted to get home, see his dog, unpack the new clothes he bought, and curl into a warm bed next to this woman who brought out a side of him hehad never known existed. 

"For the record, I've known more lawyers than a normal person should ever know," he said as he downshifted the car into overdrive. "I'm happy you're a baker slash witch."


"You cannot deny it." 



"I'm happy you came to Santa Fe." 

Her wet fingers curled over his wrist and, in that moment, he wanted to shout with joy and relief. Maybe, after all of the running, he had finally found home. 

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Are you ready to get wet? #RomanceReaders #Books

Starting the week off with a delicious excerpt from the romance adventure novella, Proximity, book 2 in the Wanderlust series (all stand-alone reads) by Amber Lea Easton. Sometimes love is closer than you's a delicious morsel to stir your appetite! 

From the back cover...

Love sometimes hides in plain sight. 

Savannah is one of the boys—fun loving, adventurous, a general contractor, and dive master extraordinaire. There isn't much she takes seriously about herself, or at least that's the impression she likes to give off. Women often misjudge her based on her looks so she's gravitated toward a group of men who accept her 'as is'—her Scuba diving club. 

Bill has known Savannah's wild side for years and has been comfortable playing the role of best friend. As part of the Dallas Divers, he's shared many adventures with the group from diving the Blue Hole in Belize to exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. When the team heads out to Costa Rica for a series of cave dives, he knows he needs to take the biggest risk of his life, but isn't sure he has the nerve. 

Catastrophe happens shortly after their immersion in the cave. With the entrance blocked from an earthquake and separated from the rest of their team, Savannah and Bill are forced to find another way out while battling aftershocks, rising tides, and an undeniable attraction that they've ignored for too long. The question becomes, what's more dangerous...the earthquake or love? 

**The Wanderlust Series consists of stand-alone adventure romance novels. Occasionally, characters from previous novels may make a cameo, but each story truly does stand on its own merits.


She'd had a bad feeling about this trip before agreeing to go and should have gone with her gut. Instead, here she sat thousands of miles from home with friends who normally elevated her mood rather than sunk it. 

She had just opened the door to her private balcony facing the canopy of the jungle when a hammering of knocks fell against the front door. Sighing, she ignored them, needing time to regroup. 

Focus on the dive. That's why you're here. Look at that monkey staring at you. She squinted at the howler monkey perched in an adjacent tree. Gee, I hope he doesn't throw shit at me.

"You didn't lock the door. That's probably not safe." Bill stood behind her. 

"You're certainly bringing the drama on this trip." She sipped her Mai Tai and waited while he adjusted his long frame into the chair next to hers. "Emily told me that Lexi had an issue with our lunches and talks. I know you said that you didn't care what people said—and you know I don't—but it must be eating you up to leave the group. I'll quit, if that's what this is. You stay with them. Pretty soon the other guys will have similar issues with me, I'm sure. You're all too damn polite to say anything."


"Don't lie to me."

"Don't be a martyr." 

She twisted in her chair to look him in the face. "We've been through snake bites, hurricanes, wicked currents, and years of shared secrets. Do. Not. Lie. To. Me."

He gritted his jaw but didn't look away. "Fine. I won't. Yes, I'm leaving the group because of you."

Well, damn, that hurts.

She felt like he'd slapped her. She'd been holding out hope that her insecurities were getting the best of her. She ripped her gaze from his and stared into her drink, absently poking the pineapple stalk into the alcohol before taking a big bite from it. 

"I can't do this anymore. It's killing me," he said.

"What is?" She couldn't look at him. Sudden tears had blurred her vision. 

"Choosing and never being chosen in return."

"What are you choosing? We're not playing a game of pick-up basketball. That's what you sound like—a child who isn't being picked for the right team." She rubbed a stray tear with the back of her hand. "What does that mean—choosingand not being chosen?" 

"Nothing, Savannah. It doesn't mean anything." 

"Now you're patronizing me." Goddamn it, he was pushing her buttons like never before. 

"I'd watch that monkey if I were you...he's eyeballing your drink." 

"I can handle the monkey." She slid him a gaze that she hoped melted him in place.

"You're overreacting to my announcement."

"Announcement? Stewart was right when he said you're treating us like your employees. What happened between my house and here? What aren't you telling me? Be straight, don't give me some bullshit story you've obviously made up on the fly. What is killing you? Your word...killing.Me? How? We're—"

"Stop it, Savannah. You're making everything worse." He stood and squeezed her shoulder. "Come back out with the guys. They're all pissed at me for driving you away. Let's hit restart on this adventure of ours and have a good night."

She'd rally because that's what she did—what she was known for, rallying and never breaking. Even after her fiancé had killed himself, she'd gone on with life and succeeded. She rallied. But right now she didn't want to laugh this off and be one of the guys. She wanted to drink her Mai Tai, order room service, and spend the rest of her night staring at the jungle surrounding them. Alone. 

"Go do that then. I'm not coming."

"Savannah...this isn't about hurting you. You and I—"

"—Are such good buddies that you can't confide in me?" She met his gaze then, eyes devoid of tears, a skill she'd mastered over the years. "We talk every night. I thought we told each other everything, and here you have this resentment toward me—"

"—I don't resent you at all, couldn't, that's not—"

"Then tell me the truth because I know you're lying."

He shoved his hands into the back pockets of his jeans and stared at her as if weighing the pros and cons of confession. 

"So it's true? You're still lying?" She stood then and poked him in the chest with the remainder of the pineapple stalk. "We are dive partners! I trust you with my life and you trust me with yours every damn time we go down. What could you possibly want to hide from me?"

"If I tell you, I'll lose you." He clenched his jaw but didn't break eye contact. "That's what you do, Savannah. Yes, we know each other really well, which means I know what I can and can't tell you."

"What do you mean that's what I do? Do what? You showed up at my house with Chinese take-out, all smiles and wanting to make plans to go to Denver for Alyssa and Luke's wedding—then wham you're suddenly moving to California." She gestured wide with her hands, more confused than she'd ever been about anything in her life. "Did you get bit by some Costa Rican bug and it's causing you to lose your fucking mind?" 

Without hesitating, he grabbed the back of her head and ground his mouth against hers until they stumbled back against the chair and onto the railing of the balcony. The ferocity of his kiss weakened her knees and shocked her to the core. 

She clenched at his shoulders for balance, conscious of leaning precariously against a bamboo railing thirty feet above the ground. Every inch of her trembled at the unexpected passion rolling from his lips and against hers. 

But she liked the way he felt against her, enjoyed the way his fists pulled as he wrapped them tightly into her hair, liked the way he ground his mouth against hers until she kissed him back, thrilled at being thrown off balance and needing to cling to his strong shoulders to remain upright. 

When she opened her mouth to deepen the kiss, he moaned his appreciation. The sound electrified her blood with a million tiny pinpricks of awareness that pulsated beneath her skin. 

As suddenly as he'd kissed her, he let her go. 

She sagged against the railing, hands searching for something to hold onto as she watched him walk away. Anger replaced desire in the blink of an eye. 

She strode after him and caught him as he was stepping out the front door. "What the hell was that?"

He looked at her, his slow grin adding fuel to the fire burning in her gut. "If I need to tell you, then I guess I didn't do it right." 

"Bill, I swear to God you've lost all sense," she whispered.

"Maybe it's the opposite." 

She frowned. "I don't know what that means."

"There's the problem. Right there." He grabbed her by the shoulders, kicked the door closed and ground his mouth against hers again. Reckless desire communicated itself through the ferocity of his kiss. 

She pressed against him, overcome with need and confusion. She matched his passion with her own, no longer thinking about what was right or wrong. Every inch of her skin quivered with awareness. 

They fell against the wall, tripped over a low table, and collapsed against the floor in a tangle of limbs. Body heat ignited from the inside out, making the short dress she wore feel constricting even as it rode up her thighs. She writhed against him, peeled his shirt up his back and sunk her fingernails into his skin. 

He moved his mouth from hers and trailed kisses down her neck. The weight of him pressing her against the wooden floor combined with the heat of their bodies and the feel of his mouth on her skin while surrounded by wild sounds of the jungle overloaded her senses. 

"Savannah, I've wanted this for so long," he muttered against her shoulder. 

His voice snapped her back to reality. She dropped her head back against the wood and closed her eyes. The pleasure of the moment conflicting with common sense. 

"We can't do this," she said with a catch in her voice. "You're Bill."

"Glad you know who I am." He rose up on the palm of his hands and stared into her eyes. "Why not? You're the only woman I've ever thought of as a soul mate—look at how we are together. Friends, confidantes...why not lovers? Why not have it all?"

"Stop it. Soul mate?Where is this coming from?" She wiggled from beneath him and straightened her dress. Breaths came like tortured streaks of air ripping through up her throat. "This is because of your fight with Lexi, isn't it? She said something about me, about us, and it has you all stirred up. I am not going to risk our friendship for a good fuck."

"You want me as badly as I want you." He jumped to his feet.

She couldn't look at him with his hair a mess from her hands, handsome face dark with desire, and shirt half-up his hard chest without thinking of how good it had felt to have his body on top of hers. Her mind raced for an excuse that wouldn't damage their relationship.

She needed his friendship more than she needed a lover. 

"You're Bill."

"We've got that covered! Why the hell do you keep saying that? What does my name signify to you? Is it that I'm your lap dog and nothing more? Have I been segregated into some weird place in your life where I am permanently in the friend-zone?"

Words failed her. She faced him and shrugged. The hurt in his eyes stabbed her in her heart. 

"Bill, wait," she said when he opened the door again. She grabbed his arm, not knowing what to say but terrified that a crack had formed in their relationship that would never heal. "I need to understand."

"If I need to spell it out to you at this point, then maybe I've been wrong about us for a very long time." He met her gaze. "That's why I need to go. You confuse me. I want a life with a wife and kids and big family barbecues and all of that and I'm starting to think this...friendship we standing in the way of the rest of my life. It's you, always you in my head when I'm with anyone else."

"You're my best friend," she whispered, fear making her voice quake. "That's always been enough."

"That's what I thought, too."

"Then what changed? We're Savannah and Bill, we have fun, we're each other's go-to person...Why complicate it? Why can't you have a wife and kids and everything you want with me as your best friend?"

"Is that what you want? Really?" He leaned close enough where the gold flecks in his hazel eyes were only an eyelash away. "Do you want to watch me marry someone else one day? Because I can honestly stand here and say that the idea of you being some other man's bride tears my heart out." 

She cringed at the idea of being anyone's bride. "Why are you doing this? Now? Here? Before a dangerous dive?"

"It came up, that's all."

"Like hell it did. You're my partner and now you threw this—"

"Let it go, Savannah. Pretend I never came to your room."  He twisted free of her grip and walked onto the suspended bridge.

Talk about a serious mind fuck. 

Deciding to let him have his nervous breakdown on his own, she slammed the door closed and stomped toward the bed. Her dive buddies were her safe haven from the nutty men in the world—or at least they had been before Bill decided to go bonkers. She fell back onto the bed and blinked at the thatched ceiling. Absently, she touched her lips that still throbbed from his kiss. 

Okay, so maybe she'd fantasized about him now and then. Perhaps she'd been guilty of comparing other men to Bill and finding them lacking. But crossing that line had never been an option for her. Couldn't be. 

Mae West had once said that a man's kiss was his signature. 

Savannah grinned against her fingertips. Now she knew what Ms. West had meant by that and had to agree. Damn, no man's kiss had ever curled her toes and boiled her blood like that. 

Too bad it could never happen again.