Friday, February 5, 2016

Claimed by a Demigod #MySexySaturday Erotic #PNR

A demigod--Nico Triton--willing risk his life and entire kingdom for the love of a mortal
When two worlds collide...Impact Zone


She looked both frightened and excited as he carried her toward the bedroom. "I'm getting used to being swept away in your arms, I think I like it."

He kissed her breathless before setting her down on the edge of the bed. He wanted her enough to risk his safety to be here. If he had to leave in the middle of the night, he'd at least have the memory of her warm mouth to take with him. He plunged his tongue against hers and thrilled at the moan from her throat. He needed to get her hot and wet. 

While kissing her, he untied the strings of her halter-top and pushed it down over her bare breasts. He squeezed each before sliding his mouth over her neck. He wanted to taste every inch of her, have her mindless with ecstasy. His teeth grazed one nipple while his thumbs played havoc with the other. 

Her fingers tangled in his hair. Gripping. Pulling. She arched her back as if willing him to devour her breast even more deeply. 

He complied, using both his tongue and teeth to torment and please. He raised his head long enough to look at her tits before pulling her dress from her body and tossing it aside. He met her gaze in the moonlight filtering in from the windows. 

She rose up on her elbows, blonde hair partially covering her face, and smiled. "Take your clothes off. I want to touch all of you."

He unbuttoned his shirt without breaking eye contact. He liked undressing for her and seeing her lick her lips with desire. The wildness in him matched the daring he recognized in her.

From the back cover of Impact Zone...
He saved her life, but now he's being hunted.

Nico Triton has a secret. He's a merman who saved the life of a champion surfer. As the leader of the merfolk, his interference with Fate has had severe repercussions that only love will solve.

Murder on the beach.

Josie Wells knows how to conquer the waves, but when she witnesses a murder on her beach, the impact shatters the surfing community of Santa Cruz. The tragedy brings her up close and personal with her secret crush, the elusive billionaire, Nico Triton.
Will their love be enough to bridge their two worlds?

Secrets become confessions and trust is tested as betrayal threatens their lives. When a merman falls in love with a surfer chic and two worlds collide, expect an Impact Zone of danger and passion.

*contains explicit sexual content

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