Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Other Side

What is the other side? Growing up I used to see an old woman in my room, but everyone always told met that it was just my imagination. My parents even took me to counseling to "fix me." For a long time, I chalked the idea of ghosts up to people's imagination or Hollywood box office appeal.

But then someone tried to kill me when I was 25. I'd been kidnapped by an exboyfriend who held me captive and beat me up until I was nearly unconscious. At that moment, I heard a voice--a strong, male voice--tell me to get up, to fight, to escape or else I'd be dead. I don't know where the strength came from, but it was there. I somehow stood, fought, and escaped all with guidance and strength from something outside of myself. Since then, I've come to believe this was a guardian angel saving me.

Sure, some people dismiss that because I had a brain injury, broken ribs, dislocated jaw, and was admittedly terrified. However, even today I clearly remember the voice.

Since that time, I have had many loved ones pass whom I still "feel" around me. When my husband died, I felt him for a few years afterward. Treasures from our travels would fly off the shelf, I'd wake up tucked tightly into bed after having vivid dreams of speaking to him, I'd hear voices in the house, the window smashed from the inside when no one was around…and many other examples. I know what I experienced, sometimes in the light of day. I've had visitors to my home hear a voice and ask me who was downstairs…no one is there.

Or is someone there?

That's the question I'm exploring with my fiction. Some people see paranormal and think vampires and werewolves, but I'm more interested in ghosts, angels, psychics, and witches.

My new release, "Tattered Angels" comes out in late January. In the meantime, I'll be chatting about all things otherworldly here on this blog. I'll also be hosting other paranormal romance authors as time unfolds.

As I say on the top of the blog page, there are no limitations here. All comments are welcome as long as they are on point and respectful. I welcome a dialogue on the paranormal.

Thank you for stopping by!
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