Saturday, January 4, 2014

Monster erotica…what?!

Taboo. Fascinating. Unexpected. 
Monster Erotica. Who knew? 

I've been reading articles lately about authors writing monster erotica and making a small fortune. As a writer of mainstream romance (my real self) and paranormal romance (Dakota), this makes me pay attention because…well, you know, money talks!

So I sat down at my computer and thought, "Sure, why not give it a go?" My thought process went something like this…"aliens…no…Dinosaurs would give me nightmares...Merman…possibly…Yetti would be cool…Bigfoot, no, my friend is going to try Bigfoot…Greek Gods would be awesome…" Then I stared at the blinking cursor on the page, no ideas going beyond that. I ended up moving on to my current works in progress, none of which involve anything too hairy.

What is the appeal of fantasizing about being swept into the furry arms of a Bigfoot or abducted to another realm by mythical creatures? Authors who write this genre are making ten times more than I am. There's obviously a niche market here that's begging for more!

Well, in the spirit of research, I bought a few of the books on Amazon to see what the fuss was about. I read "Taken by Tentacles," "The Horny Minotaur," "Moan for Bigfoot," and "The Merman." Believe it or not, one was not enough!

I'm not sure what I expected, but I didn't expect decent writing ("The Merman" gave me nightmares and it was obviously written by a professional author who knows his/her craft). The ones I read were purely about taboo sex, yet most of them had story lines and fleshed out characters. The authors writing this are savvy and experienced, at least from my sampling. (There was an exception, but I'm not here to review only to discuss the genre itself, which surprised me.)

I'm thinking that I'll play around with a Greek God/human affair or a Merman in the future, although my Merman would be nice and not the insane one of the book I read! No, there are no works in progress from me in this genre yet, but I'm not ruling it out. I have the spark of an idea based on a Merman in Santa Cruz and a surfer girl. We'll see. Right now whenever I try to write it…there's that cursor just blinking at me. Until it decides to move, I'll stick to ghosts and other paranormal activity.

Monster erotica is a genre I knew nothing about a year ago, but my research reminded me yet again not to be blinded by bias. When I first heard the words "monster erotica," I laughed out loud. I thought, "seriously?" But I was surprised. It was yet another lesson to be open-minded because I just might learn something and be pleasantly surprised.

Remember "King Kong" of years ago? Is it really such a stretch of the imagination to think of loving a creature or another species?

My friend Tawny Savage released her first in a Bigfoot series and is about to release her second. Again, another well-written book in a fringe genre that's gaining in popularity. Below is a brief blurb and excerpt.
Bryanna Stevens was slowly dying inside. The safe and consensual sexual relationship with her husband Travis had slowly deteriorated into one filled with torment and abuse. With nowhere to turn, she pleaded her case to the Goddess Brigid. She offered herself up to the gods to do as they see fit if they’d grant her one wish—to conceive a child of her own.
Hell bent on avenging the mutilation and death of his pregnant mate, Ashar risks everything to make the humans pay. Instead, he’s blindsided by his desire for the naked beauty stretched out over an altar, pleading for the gods to give her a child.  Before he can stop himself, he’s kneeling beside her. Could she be the one to save the Forest People and mend his broken heart or the one to destroy them all?


She was so tired of being judged around town for trying to be true to herself. “I am who I am.” Travis used to love that about her. It was her free spirit that attracted him to her in the first place. She was the one who introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. Unfortunately, over the last few years they’ve strayed from the safe and consensual to the angry sex. She wasn’t sure when he changed from the caring Dom to the nightmare control freak he was now, but she couldn’t take it anymore.  The more he drank, the less he could perform unless it meant tormenting and demoralizing her. That wasn’t what she signed up for when she agreed to be his submissive.

It was time she faced the facts. Her ten year marriage was a joke. Sure the sex was over the top and exactly what she wanted—when he was able to deliver. Most days he was either too tired or too drunk to get it up. It took her to push him enough to make him pissed off before his dick would rise to the occasion and that was getting to be scarce as well.

It’s why she was surprised at how hard his cock was just before the toast. Maybe showing off in front of his friends gave him the hard on because it sure as hell wasn’t her. She slipped out of her bra and examined the scratches and tiny welts over her tits. Her right nipple appeared bruised where he bit into it. She had feared he did more damage, but luckily no part of it was missing.

She unraveled the rest of her hair from the loose braid and brushed some of the tangles out of it. She loved the way her hair appeared with soft waves after braiding. 
The gold and red highlights in her chestnut brown hair were a new addition and one her husband wasn’t fond of at all. He wanted her to go a deep auburn color but she refused. That set off another nasty confrontation between them. Instead of hot angry sex, he’d stormed out and stayed away. Apparently he preferred the company of the drunks and tramps at the local bar instead of staying home with her. He didn’t start talking to her again until three days ago. Whatever. I’m done.

She stood and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor in a silky puddle at her feet. She gazed at her reflection in the full length mirror on the bedroom door and admired her curves. It took a lot of work to keep her looking fit and it was wasted on a man who didn’t appreciate it or her at all.

She sighed and made her way to the bathroom and the large Jacuzzi tub that called her name. In there she’d work out the kinks and aches from the session in the shed and try to figure out what the hell was watching them go at it. Whatever it was, she hoped it was able to haul ass and get to safety before Travis and his posse tracked it. 
One thing she did know about her husband—he won’t let anyone get in his way of finding that creature and mounting it’s head on the living room wall.

* * * *
Ashar doubled back on the trail for the third time. While the humans had the guns, they were blind in the dark. He knew the forest like the back of his hand. He didn’t need any light to find his way. None of his clan did. It’s what kept them alive for thousands of years out of reach of the much inferior hairless creatures who chased him now.

He knew the names they called him. Chiye tanka was his favorite and given to his people by the Lakota tribe. Loosely translated it meant big elder brother. Ashar’s ancestors had roamed the earth long before any of the modern humans so referring to them as elders was fitting. Unfortunately the reference only existed in a few remote areas.

Ashar’s clan kept themselves hidden in the redwood forests and mountains. Few humans were allowed into their world although the Shaman often spoke of a time when their kind mated with the humans to strengthen both species. As the humans developed more, they pulled away from the old ways. Fear replaced the mutual respect, which in turn had led to the complete separation of their worlds.

Until Ashar’s kind were forced to defend their homes and way of life.

Many lives were lost on both sides until a truce was brokered. Each agreed to stay within the boundaries outlined by the treaty and give each other the space needed to peacefully coexist. Of course that didn’t last more than a few generations before the humans forgot their promises and took more and more of the forest away to build their secluded mountain communities.

In response, his kind moved deeper and deeper into the forests and literally into the mountains themselves. They carved out elaborate dwellings within the rocks and tunneled to the very center of the range. There they discovered a whole new wilderness, untouched by humans. This was his home and where his father ruled over their tribe for fifty years. Now on his deathbed, the leadership—and all their current troubles fell on Ashar’s shoulders.

His people were dying. Fewer and fewer children were born to their females each year. Those who managed to take their first breath succumbed to unknown illnesses before their fifth year. Shaman told his father it was happening because they’d abandoned the old ways of interbreeding with the humans. She said there would be one who’d come to save their people. They only had to wait for her to come to them.
One group of young males didn’t want to wait for a savior. They decided they’d take matters into their own hands and raided the mountain cabins for fertile human females. So far not one of them survived the mating rituals. Shaman only shook her head with each death. She knew none of them were the chosen one but the youth refused to listen to her. Even the females of the tribe decided they too could mate with humans.

Now Ashar had to deal with the consequences of their ill-conceived actions. The year before one of the raiding parties had been discovered by a group of humans. Most of the party scattered but one was hit with a tranquilizer dart. She’d awakened to find herself tied spread eagle on the ground while the humans took turns with her young nubile body. Unable to fight them off, she endured hour after hour of their abuse until the sedative wore off.

Ashar remembered it as if it were yesterday.

The second in the series is coming out January 10…

About the Author 
Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending.  You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!
Join her for a ride you'll never forget! Go ahead and drop a line to her through her publisher with her on Twitter @Tawny_Savage or check out her website Erotic Tales from Tawny Savage.