Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's it like being a professional psychic? Megan Riley opens up #paranormal #asmsg

A few years ago, I treated myself to a psychic reading for my birthday. I'd been feeling at a crossroads and thought, "what the hell?" That reading not only blew my mind, it led me into a friendship with Megan Riley, professional psychic and soon-to-be owner/operator of a bakery. I believe she said something off the cuff about not only feeding people's spiritual well-being, now she'll be feeding their sweet tooth, too! Gotta love her. Today she's agreed to an interview. Thank you, Megan, for stopping by and sharing with us. 

What is your earliest memory of feeling as if you had psychic ability?
One of my earliest memories (3 or4?) is of deceased family members sitting on my bed.

Did you accept it right away or did you question yourself?
I didn't know it shouldn't be that way- in my family we all saw/felt things and I didn't know I was different until I got to grade school. 

Is your family accepting of your abilities? How about your friends?
My family all has it but I'm the only one who has done this for a living.  Some extended family aren't quite sure what to do with me,  My friends know I'm different and see me look over my shoulder,  It has been a stretch for my boyfriend but he seen over time the difference it makes in other people's lives and while he may not understand it, he accepts it.

Have you ever been afraid of a paranormal situation? If so, can you please share it with us?
Many times.  I didn't have any role models to tell me there was nothing to fear.  Like many sensitives it becomes moths to a light during puberty.  As a teenager I woke up in the middle of the night with something on top of me, though there was nothing there. 
 I kept living in haunted houses in my 20's and many times didn't know what to do about it.  One big old loft space was an old police station.  I had someone playing on my fear of whether I'd turned off the oven, or the space heater.  It wasn't until my 30's I figured out they ultimately have no power over us.  That's when I started doing a lot more ghostbustings.  In my personal life I sometimes don't notice I have picked up a ghost until they wake me up in the middle of the night.

What do you believe is the biggest misconception regarding psychics and mediums?
WE aren't all woo-woo, wanting to talk about angels and demons in our off time.  We want as normal a life as we can have.  I have a family, we eat dinner together, I walk the dogs in the morning.  Really my personal life is pretty quiet. 

Do you have certain rituals to protect yourself from paranormal activity when you're not willing or wanting to be receptive to it?
I tell them that I'm not working and if there is something they need to come back when I am working.  Waking me up is unacceptable.  I cleanse my house and business on a weekly basis.  Other than that I believe that the need to “protect” implies there is something negative or evil, which I do not subscribe to.

Before you have a reading with someone, what do you do to prepare yourself?
I sit down for a few minutes to meditate.  Often I start feeling things about the person before the reading begins.

Have you ever had a ghost who consistently shows up and demands attention outside of a reading? If so, how do you handle it?
Recently our house had an entity that kept showing up, and he was disrupting  the whole house's sleep and moods.  I cleared him with some help of my guides.  I will not tolerate something affecting my family.

In your experience, are people or places haunted? Can you explain the difference?
People that are in a lot of pain, often struggling with substance abuse have entities attached to them.  I see it similar to what Buddhists describe as a feeding frenzy on someone's pain and suffering.  This isn't amityville horror possession but the feel that someone is falling into an abyss of pain and suffering.  It's hard to watch, and many don't realize they could be any different.
Houses have entities attached to them but not necessarily about something that happened in that house.  For some reason that land is attractive to the entities  When there is poltergeist activity there are almost always three.  One doing things to get attention and two more behind the scenes. 

How can someone get in contact with you if they want to seek your expertise?
Email, facebook, I'm pretty easy to find and

 More about Megan...

I grew up in Minnesota in an Irish Catholic family.  The earliest memory that I have is from about 3 years old, with a spirit at the edge of my bed. This continued as I grew up; as family members would pass on, I could see and be able to talk to them. I believe these gifts run in the family, and have several generations of sensitives on both sides of my family.  It wasn't until I started school that I realized that to everyone else this was not "normal".  Within my family, however, these spirit appearances were "normal".  Examples are when a cousin was married our grandmother made several appearances during the ceremony and reception.  Family meals almost always included and still do include deceased family. 

As a teenager the abilities were overwhelming, as many sensitives discover.  I could hear whispers and conversations, see auras, ghosts, spirits, colors, and future events.  I felt what was happening with people around me, smell and taste things around me.  It was overwhelming and I tried to shut it down.  Again, as many sensitives learn, this doesn't work very well. 

Over the years I have worked and trained with Shamans, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Mediums, Yogis and my own guides, as well studying different religions.  I discovered that these gifts can make a real difference for people, and I love hearing back from clients how they have transformed their lives. 

In 2006 I came to Colorado for vacation to see my brothers and attend the Great American Beer Festival.  Being in physical proximity to my family had become important to me, and I fell in love with the mountains.  I moved here 6 weeks later.  I work as  a psychic, medium, animal communicator and on the weekends a wedding officiant.  My spare time is spent I'm playing with my two dogs, cooking, reading, and hiking.   

Readings with me are not scary and for the most part nothing negative or warnings will come up in the reading.  After a reading with me and my guides, clients report feeling lighter, empowered, positive, and in anticipation of what was to come. Readings are meant to make a difference for what you are facing and to bring you back to your true self.


  1. Cool interview! We have a ghost in this house-I never considered there might be three of them. There's also some sort of ...sign carved on the front porch posts, they look like backward swastikas? I talked to the previous owners of the house, and she never felt any ghosts so I thought it might have attached to me when I stayed in a haunted hotel room. Never thought they could cause sleeping problems either; several of my kids have had sleeping problems in this house. Very interesting!

  2. That's so creepy about the carved signs on your posts! Let us know what you find out--if you ever do. I'm thrilled Megan could share her insights with us. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story, too. Good luck with your ghost(s)!

  3. Thanks for this great interview. Despite all of my doubts I have been to psychics myself and had amazing experiences that cannot be argued or rationalised away. Thrilled to read about Megan and her animals :-)