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13 tips for spicing up your relationship! #sex #romance #asmsg

No need to get into a love rut! 
Spice things up with these easy and fun ideas

13 tips for heating up your relationship
Have you been with your significant other for awhile now or do you simply want to keep the fun in your dating life?  Well, here are 13 tips to keep the sparks flying and the romance growing in your relationship.
  1. Amp up the adrenaline!  Yeah, you heard me.  Stimulating the body stimulates the mind and emotions.  Do something that snaps you out of the ordinary routine--go skiing, sledding, go-carting, horseback riding...whatever it is that YOU find exciting. 
  2. Send a sexy text.  Why not?  Sexting isn't just for celebrities and athletes, go ahead and match your thumb typing skills with your vivid imagination.  Sexting is an excellent way for couples to flirt with each other while apart, makes you smile and gets the juices flowing.  Hey, anticipation is mental foreplay and how could that be a bad thing?
  3. Make eye contact during sex.  Closing your eyes is fine, but it can give the impression that you're only their physically or are fantasizing about someone else.  Keeping your eyes focused on him, reinforces that it's HIM that's turning you on and enhances the emotional intensity of the moment.
  4. Take a risk in the bedroom.  Sometimes it's easy to fall into habits, especially after we figure out what works for us and what doesn't.  However, this can be bad when it comes to sex.  The brain is our biggest sex organ and when we experiment with new things, we stimulate the brain's desire for discovery.  Try out role-playing, break out the Kama Sutra or test out a sex toy...why not?  
  5. Compliment your man/partner! Who doesn't like hearing that they're smart, sexy, or amazing?  Let your partner know that the spark is still there, that you respect them and are attracted to them for many reasons.  Give compliments goes a long way to establishing that intimate connection.
  6. Kiss more often...just because.  C'mon, people!  Kissing is one of the best things we as human beings can do.  It's not just a prelude to's a way of connecting.  Kiss when you say hello or goodbye...kiss when you're passing the potatoes...kiss whenever you get a chance!  Make it a prolonged kiss, the kind we brag about when we're first dating.  
  7. Surprise him! In relationships, it's easy to fall into planning everything around a routine.  Snap out of that and make a plan without him knowing it.  It doesn't need to be elaborate--breakfast in bed or dinner reservations during the week when it's least expected or something as simple as DVRing his favorite television show when you know he's going to miss it.  Never underestimate a simple surprise and its power to spark up the night!
  8. Be childlike--and, NO, this has nothing to do with baby talk!  As adults, we can get bogged down with talk about careers, money, plans, household projects...BLAH.  Do something unexpected like playing basketball in the driveway, hitting the swings in the park during a walk, planning a date to the zoo or local amusement park.  Sometimes a sense of childhood wonder and play is exactly what you need...and, if you're lucky, that sense of play will extend to the bedroom.
  9. Nicknames.  This may sound silly, but by incorporating private nicknames for each other (outside of the standard "honey" or "baby") you're creating a private world/language for just the two of you.  Pretty soon he'll smile whenever he hears it...and the two of you will get a kick out of having a "thing" that's solely yours.  
  10. Reveal a sexual fantasy.  Most women feel shy about revealing their fantasies, but the truth is we all have them.  Revealing your sexual fantasy to your partner can bring the two of you together, increase intimacy and is practically guaranteed to enhance arousal.  
  11. Offer a massage.  Yes, I know...we as women are always up for a massage, but offering to be the giver puts us in a place of sexual power.  A massage lets your partner indulge--and to make it truly sexy, make it be all about him this time, ask for nothing in exchange.  He'll repay you another day...maybe even later that night if you're lucky.  
  12. Get competitive!  Game playing--the good kind, not the manipulative kind--gets those juices flowing (refer to step 1).  Scrabble, Boggle, Taboo (or see my fun post called "there's an app for that, which is listed below) are fun competition that excite feelings between you.  
  13. Have an impromptu dance party for two.  I admit this is one of my favorites. I love grabbing my guy for a quick dance in a parking lot or in the kitchen.  Long week?  Turn up the tunes and let loose in your living room.  He may look at you oddly for a minute, but he'll get in the spirit.  Dancing alleviates tension and the spontaneity of a private party for two can ignite a fun evening--especially if a few items of clothing get lost during the dance. (uh-hem)  Just get jiggy with it, baby!
Enjoy your play time! 
Dakota Skye

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