Friday, May 30, 2014

Orgasms that will blow your mind! C'mon, ladies, it's time to 'get physical'! #sex #romance #relationships #asmsg

Take control of your pelvic floor, ladies! 
Orgasms That Will Blow Your Mind

Our pelvic muscles loosen with age, childbirth, and lack of use (aww…I know…it's sad.) The reasons for caring about tightening up your va-jay-jay include preventing (or solving) incontinent issues--I mean, seriously, peeing your pants while laughing may seem cute when you're a kid, but it's not sexy--and gaining control during sex. When you regain control of your pelvic floor, you're able to squeeze your lover's penis while he's inside you.  Not only does it feel good to him, but it will send you over the edge! Contract, relax, contract, relax…all while having sex. Think about it. The increased control over your pelvic floor muscles during sex stimulates sensations that will have you both convulsing with pleasure! 

But, Temptress, I've had two kids and can't cough without embarrassment these days…how can I achieve that level of control again? Well, let me share these easy exercises with you. Everyone knows about kegel exercises, but there are yoga poses that can help, too. 

But, Temptress, I hate yoga. Aww…stop your whining and open your mind! Not only will these exercises increase your sexual pleasure, they also increase circulation and stamina. All good things. (Why do you think Yogis are always smiling? Because they found enlightenment or because they've just had a mind-blowing orgasm? Maybe both? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out!) 

  1. Root Locks. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward while pushing your tailbone downward, squeeze your pelvic floor as if trying to stop both a urinary flow and a bowl movement at the same time. Hold. Instead of contracting your butt, concentrate on using your lower abdominal muscles. Regular practice of root locks will help your posture, tone your lower abs, and strengthen your pelvic floor. Here's a picture of a version of the root pose, but only go as far as your flexibility will allow.
  2. Reclining poses. These include child's pose, spinal twists, cobra pose, fish twists, and lotus pose. What happens during these poses is that you squeeze your pelvic floor while also strengthening your lower back. Below is a picture of the cobra pose, my personal favorite of the reclining poses. 
  3. Standing poses. Triangle pose, Tree, Squatting pose, Downward Facing Dog. With all of these poses, remember the root pose to keep your focus on the pelvis region. Also, do all of these movements slowly with deep breaths and focus. Only go as deep as your flexibility allows. The following pictures are Squatting Pose (one of the best for strengthening the pelvic floor) and the Tree. 

  4. Inversions. These are harder so I suggest trying the above before tackling these unless you're already fairly fit. Feel free to use a wall for support. Inversions, such as a shoulder stand, head stand or hand stand,  use gravity to help realign pelvic organs back into its proper place. Other benefits of inversion poses are an increased blood flow to the heart and mind for greater concentration, circulation, mental alertness, and awareness. Inversions have also been recommended via Yoga Journal, LiveStrong and other online sites for helping decrease symptoms of diabetes. (I can't do these without falling over or laughing…so it's definitely a "practice" for me.) Below is a picture of a shoulder stand. 
    None of these are too strenuous or time consuming. The benefits are greater control of your pelvic floor muscles--all of them--for better health, circulation, and a satisfying sex life at any age. 
Have fun! XXOO
Dakota Skye
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Friday, May 23, 2014

5 ways to increase intimacy with your lover #sex #romance #tantra #erotica #asmsg

Sometimes sex isn't enough… 
5 Ways to Increase Intimacy During Sex
The words sex and intimacy are often used interchangeably, but they mean very different things. Sometimes we crave the physical connection of sex, but want to avoid intimacy at all costs. Or, for some, they want intimacy but are shy about sex. There's a quote I heard once that I couldn't find despite the vast reach of google. It goes something like this, "sometimes I get so lonely sleeping with you."  Below are five ways to radically increase the intimacy in your sex life--you'll find that with increased intimacy comes an increase in pleasure. Trust me…I'm the Temptress. 

1. Shh…say nothing. True intimacy between lovers comes from connectedness. We may think this involves the sharing of secrets, which is true, but for the nature of this practice…shh…be very quiet. Set a time to meet your lover in the bedroom with the agreement that you won't speak. Perhaps set the scene with candles and music. This is an opportunity let our stories fall away--as individuals and couples--making room for a deep, non-verbal, energetic connection. 

2. Slow it waaaaaay down. Sometimes the "banging" of sex discourages the "being" of intimacy. We live in a fast-paced world of schedules and constant connectedness from social media. Know that during this hour together, it is only the two of you in that room. You're in your own world together. Savor every movement, every look, every caress, every kiss. 
3. Undress each other. It doesn't matter if it's your first time with a new lover or if you've been together for years, the act of giving your body to another is a gift. Why rush it? Take turns removing one article of clothing at a time. Kiss each part of the body revealed. Don't let modesty or habit stop you from enjoying each other. 

4. Sync your breathing. This is a Tantric trick I've read about and it's very sexy to do with a partner. Hey, if Sting can do it…why not you? In Tantra it's called "match breath." Start with a simple embrace and spend a few minutes slowing and synchronizing your breath. Silently negotiate a rhythm that is comfortable for both of you. Pause at the top of each inhale and exhale. Try to maintain this rhythm as sex unfolds. 

5. Keep your eyes open. Extended eye contact reveals vulnerability. It's nearly impossible to keep your eyes open during an orgasm, but experiment with trying it. 

Intimacy deepens the sexual experience. Try it. You may find that it deepens your relationship in all areas. 

Have fun! XXOO
Dakota Skye
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sex in the palm of your hand! Yep, there's an app for that! #romance #sex #asmsg

Sex in the palm of your hand…*wink* 

Never Underestimate the Power of Play
(Yep, there's an app for that!)
I love research. I always learn a thing a two. This week I thought to myself, "what would be a fun blog topic?" I started playing word search on my iPhone, which is something I do when I'm trying to think. (Okay, so I'm a a bit of nerd. Gimme a break.) That's when it dawned on me…what kind of sex games could I download? Were there any? YES! And they're fun, too. Now you can spice up your love life anywhere because there's an app for that! 

I found all of the below apps on iTunes, although when I googled them, most said they were also available on the Android store. Because I have an iPhone, that's what I will refer to below. I provided links where I could find them, but if you go to the iTunes store it's easy to search for them. Yes, I had a lot of fun downloading these. (Why does the word "downloading" suddenly sound dirty?) 
image taken from iTunes on the Adult Truth or Dare site
Adult Truth or Dare (not at all like the game you remember from childhood, at least I hope not). FREE! There were over 67 Adult Truth or Dare games, but I went with the highest ranked one, "Dirty Game-Hot Truth or Dare." I suggest always choosing dare with this app. There's even a group option! Ha. On the link I provided it states a cost, but I downloaded it for free. 

Adult "Have you ever?" asks questions like "have you ever done anything dirty in front of a webcam?" FREE! This is actually really fun. I can see whipping out my iPhone on a girls' trip, drinking wine, and asking these questions to fits of laughter. I really liked this one because it's fun not only to do with a lover, but you can also have a good time with your close friends. (I say close friends because it's pretty raunchy so not something you'd want to share with the PTA.) 

Spice Dice. It costs .99…but, hey, I'll spare no expense in my pursuit of research! This is also really fun. You shake your iPhone to roll the dice to find commands like "bed" and "cowgirl," etc. There are also lesbian and gay versions, fyi. 

iKamasutra. The name is rather self-explanatory, but it's a cool app with carefully drawn pictures, a chart to track your progress from novice to grand master (for the ambitious). It also lets you put stars next to your favorites and make up a to-do list. 

1001+ Sex Facts. This is one of those apps that no one needs, but you will blow people's minds with your trivia skills. It has random facts about sex (as you can guess from the title) that may or may not be true, but are certain to either shock people or generate a great conversation. Here's an example, "A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever." And another, "Kellogg's Corn Flakes were made in hopes it would stop masturbation." Who knew? 

Those are the only ones I tried, but there were many others with titles like "Sex Taboos--Funny Things", "Kissing Test" where you kiss your screen and it rates your skills, and "Sex Coupons" that are an upscale version of the homemade kind. I guess they're right when they say, "there's an app for everything!" 

A word of caution, if like me you share your iCloud with others, make sure they won't be shocked…they may not believe your excuse of "just doing research." 

While you're at it, spice up your relationship with these 13 tips I suggested a few weeks ago. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PLAY! Now go out there and have some fun. 

Dakota Skye 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Take the "job" out of blow job & blow your man's mind! #romance #asmsg #sex #erotic

Take the word "job" out of blow job and blow your man's mind! 
I'm Amber Lea Easton, aka Dakota Skye and The Temptress, and I'm here to have some fun. I hope you are, too. I'm a romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal erotic romance (Dakota Skye) author who enjoys pushing boundaries. Nothing turns me on more than making my readers squirm with tension from a suspenseful storyline and sensuous seduction scene. I may not write erotica per se, but I get the job done, baby! When I think of temptation, I automatically smile. The word alone makes me think of decadence, impulse, exploration, laughter, and boldness. On Tempt Me Tuesdays, I intend to delve into all of those elements of temptation with lighthearted glee. I might also be serious at times talking about relationships and love, but that's just how I am.  I enjoy comments on my blog posts, so please interact as often as possible. Let's have some fun together! 

Oral sex: we all like receiving it, but some of us are hesitant to give it. There are a lot of false ideas about blow jobs, for instance. Do you swallow or not? How deep do you go? What are the expectations? Well, I'm going to break it down for you. I've read a lot on this subject from all over the internet, magazines, and books. And, of course, there's the ol' trial and error method along with watching some porn along the way (some useful techniques combined with completely unrealistic expectations). This is my summary of all that knowledge, hopefully brief enough to be useful. 

1.) Communicate. Yes, that sounds simple--or awkward--but it's really necessary. Ask him questions about what he likes. "Do you like me to lick the tip?" "Am I sucking hard enough?" "Do you want me to use my hands?" Asking questions relaxes your lover and reassures him that you really want to be doing this. Maybe he's had women in the past feel like it was a necessary evil and blatantly told him so. Men need to relax to be aroused. When you ask him questions about how best to give him pleasure, you reassure him that this is exactly where you want to be.
2.) Use your hands. Men have been masturbating fast and furiously since puberty hit. They're used to climaxing this way. Use a combination of both hands, tongue and mouth. Put the tip of his penis in your mouth while your hand closes around his shaft. Move your mouth and hand together so that when your fist moves up it touches your lips. Lick and suck the frenulum (bundle of nerves directly beneath the head of the penis.) While moving your hand up and down his shaft, circle your mouth over his head, pausing to lick or suck his pleasure spot. Alternate what you're doing with your mouth while keeping the rhythmn of your hand steady. The deeper the better may be the case for porn, but if you're going to gag that's not fun for either of you. You can simulate deep throat action by using the mouth, tongue, and hand action.

3.) Suck his balls. Kiss them, squeeze them, love them, but be verrrrrrry gentle. And right before he's going to cum, give them a gentle tug. The skin here is ultra-thin and very sensitive. Let him know you have him--literally--in the palm of your hands. 

4.) Spice it up by cooling it down. Give your jaw a break by doing some "lipstick action" by rubbing the tip of his penis over your lips before taking a sip of ice cold water. The cold sensation in your mouth when it meets his hot cock will drive him insane.

5.) Massage his taint. This is the area between his balls and ass. If you give this a slight massage while sucking him, you'll drive him past the point of no return.

6.) Make some noise while he's in your mouth. The vibration not only turns him on, but will also let him know you're as into it as he is.

7.) Don't bite. Some articles say "use the teeth," but they're all written by women. The articles I've read by men all say the exact same thing, "do NOT use your teeth!" Because the purpose here is to give him pleasure, I'm going to go with what the men say. Be like an old woman with dentures and not a saber tooth tiger. Again, communication is golden so ask him, "do you like it like this?"
8.) Swallow. Imagine how you'd feel if you were in the throws of ecstasy and he suddenly turned away in revulsion? It's a turn off. Why do all of that work to get him to orgasm if you're not going to go all the way?

Now go out and have some fun! 
Dakota Skye
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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Surprising Aphrodisiacs #sex #romance #fun #relationships

5 Surprising Aphrodisiacs
I'm juicing--basically liquifying everything in the hopes of getting healthier. Because of this new phase I'm in, I am admittedly obsessed with food. This led me to research some aphrodisiacs that aren't that common. Enjoy! 
  1. Avocados. I'm beginning to think this is the miracle food. It's good for everything, even your sex life! Avocados have been proven to stimulate sexual vitality. Odd fact: Did you know that the ancient Aztecs used to call Avocado plants 'testicle trees' because of their shape? 
  2. Seaweed. Bring on the sushi! Seaweed is rich in iodine and B-Vitamins that amplify the libido. Not sure where to get seaweed? Well, it can be found in a few forms including nori (used to wrap sushi) and kelp.
  3. Salami. This one really surprised me, but the facts are that salami is rich in phenylethylamine, a chemical that makes the brain feel as if it is in love. 
  4. Pine Nuts. These have a lot in common with oysters. Why? Because they are both rich in zinc, a mineral needed for optimum production of sex hormones, particularly testosterone. These are available everywhere. Hey, why not have a seaweed salad topped with pine nuts and avocado with some salami on the side? 
  5. Chili Peppers. These are filled with Capsaicin, which boosts your endorphins and elevates your mood. Also, studies have shown that chili peppers can increase your blood flow for extra sizzle between the sheets. 
I think all of the above sound like the perfect combination for a salad! Mmm…I think I know what I'm having for lunch. Enjoy experimenting! 
Dakota Skye
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