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Orgasms that will blow your mind! C'mon, ladies, it's time to 'get physical'! #sex #romance #relationships #asmsg

Take control of your pelvic floor, ladies! 
Orgasms That Will Blow Your Mind

Our pelvic muscles loosen with age, childbirth, and lack of use (aww…I know…it's sad.) The reasons for caring about tightening up your va-jay-jay include preventing (or solving) incontinent issues--I mean, seriously, peeing your pants while laughing may seem cute when you're a kid, but it's not sexy--and gaining control during sex. When you regain control of your pelvic floor, you're able to squeeze your lover's penis while he's inside you.  Not only does it feel good to him, but it will send you over the edge! Contract, relax, contract, relax…all while having sex. Think about it. The increased control over your pelvic floor muscles during sex stimulates sensations that will have you both convulsing with pleasure! 

But, Temptress, I've had two kids and can't cough without embarrassment these days…how can I achieve that level of control again? Well, let me share these easy exercises with you. Everyone knows about kegel exercises, but there are yoga poses that can help, too. 

But, Temptress, I hate yoga. Aww…stop your whining and open your mind! Not only will these exercises increase your sexual pleasure, they also increase circulation and stamina. All good things. (Why do you think Yogis are always smiling? Because they found enlightenment or because they've just had a mind-blowing orgasm? Maybe both? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out!) 

  1. Root Locks. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward while pushing your tailbone downward, squeeze your pelvic floor as if trying to stop both a urinary flow and a bowl movement at the same time. Hold. Instead of contracting your butt, concentrate on using your lower abdominal muscles. Regular practice of root locks will help your posture, tone your lower abs, and strengthen your pelvic floor. Here's a picture of a version of the root pose, but only go as far as your flexibility will allow.
  2. Reclining poses. These include child's pose, spinal twists, cobra pose, fish twists, and lotus pose. What happens during these poses is that you squeeze your pelvic floor while also strengthening your lower back. Below is a picture of the cobra pose, my personal favorite of the reclining poses. 
  3. Standing poses. Triangle pose, Tree, Squatting pose, Downward Facing Dog. With all of these poses, remember the root pose to keep your focus on the pelvis region. Also, do all of these movements slowly with deep breaths and focus. Only go as deep as your flexibility allows. The following pictures are Squatting Pose (one of the best for strengthening the pelvic floor) and the Tree. 

  4. Inversions. These are harder so I suggest trying the above before tackling these unless you're already fairly fit. Feel free to use a wall for support. Inversions, such as a shoulder stand, head stand or hand stand,  use gravity to help realign pelvic organs back into its proper place. Other benefits of inversion poses are an increased blood flow to the heart and mind for greater concentration, circulation, mental alertness, and awareness. Inversions have also been recommended via Yoga Journal, LiveStrong and other online sites for helping decrease symptoms of diabetes. (I can't do these without falling over or laughing…so it's definitely a "practice" for me.) Below is a picture of a shoulder stand. 
    None of these are too strenuous or time consuming. The benefits are greater control of your pelvic floor muscles--all of them--for better health, circulation, and a satisfying sex life at any age. 
Have fun! XXOO
Dakota Skye
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