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Deal me a hand of my future, please! Experience with Medicine Cards #paranormal #asmsg

As I've stated earlier, my blog is open to all things paranormal or unexplained. No limits here! Today I'm hosting author Tammy Dennings Maggy who is sharing her experience with Medicine Card readings. My curiosity runneth over! Please do tell. 

First experience with Medicine Cards
I’d like to thank Dakota Skye for inviting me to share my experiences with the paranormal. I’ve had quite a few of them and have incorporated many into my writing. This particular experience is one I had when my husband Liam and I were first dating. He’d asked me if I’d like to have my medicine cards read. Both of us share a fascination with the ancient traditions including that of the Druids and the Native American Shamans and I was curious to see what the cards would say about my life.

Three years ago, my life was full of chaos and uncertainty. Those I thought I could trust appeared to be abandoning me and I was afraid to move forward into new territory. I’d just filed for divorce from my first husband and had submitted my first full length novel to Siren Bookstrand. My career as a veterinarian was my entire world. I buried myself in work and all the stress that came with it. I found myself at a cross roads and needed a little guidance as to how to proceed. The card reading promised to give me at least some insight so I jumped at the chance for the reading.

Medicine cards are similar to the tarot, but with animals. You choose nine cards from the deck to represent your nine totem animals. Each has a place or position in your life to help guide you on your journey to your happily ever after.  After you choose your totem animals, you can then set up different spreads of the card to give insight into what’s going on in your life now as it pertains to your past, present and future.
I’d like to share my totem animals with you and their significance to me. Together they help create the strong medicine that is my “Earth Walk,” or path in life.

First off is my Spiritual Guide overseeing everything—the Eagle.  This majestic creature is my connection to the Great Spirit and reminds me to fight my fear of the unknown and strive to be the best I can be. The Great Spirit will always be with me during the journey whether I win or lose.

The next two are also always with me. On the right, in the position that carries my courage and warrior spirit is the Wolf. The one on the left teaches me about relationships and mothering is the Dragon/Dragonfly. I get my desire to share knowledge and what I’ve learned with others from the Wolf. The Dragonfly is the one that gives me the not so gentle nudge that I have to change my habits in order to become a better person overall.

The other animals hold very important positions in my life and their individual talents all help make me who I am…or want to be.  The animal spirits that guide me may be similar to those that guide others, but have different positions and meanings.  There is no right or wrong answer and no good or bad medicine when it comes to the animal spirit guides.  For me, the Weasel, Horse, Squirrel, Jaguar, Ant, Snake and Spider complete my medicine shield. The one that made me smile the most was the Spider. This one tells me to create, create, create! No wonder I carry multiple journals with me at all times to jot down my story ideas. LOL!

For my life reading, I chose The Pathway Spread. This one is based on a Druidic system and showed me information about my life path.  It showed my path at that time, where I had been and where I was headed. It also revealed what/who was challenging me on my journey and what I had already conquered.  The cards freaked me out a bit with insight I had a hard time understanding  during the reading, but months later, it all became crystal clear.

What was disturbed me the most was the revelation that the friends I had considered my Soul Sisters were in fact in opposition to me and my relationship with Liam my current husband. I didn’t want to believe it at all but as Liam and I grew closer, all but one of my Soul Sisters pulled away. As I found my happiness with my husband, these women left my life one by one. What I thought was an unbreakable bond, turned out to me a fleeting one.

In the card position that represented my future, I turned up the reversed Wolf card. This meant I had to seek guidance from new teachers and seek out adventure. Remember, at the time of the reading Liam and I were only dating. Both of us had come out of bad relationships and were still hurting from those break ups. The last thing I wanted was to jump into something on the rebound. This card told me to go for it and see where it would lead. So glad I did!

Now my life has come to another crossroads and I’d like to do another reading as I write this. Here we go!

1.     My past: I drew a card I had labeled with the name of a group I had recently left. It was in the upside down or contrary position. The reason the group is now in my past is that it was working against me and my goals for my future.
2.     My present: I drew the contrary Badger. This demonstrates being chewed out by someone else or expressing anger in an unhealthy way. It’s time to get in touch with my own jealousy and envy of others. Badger in this position also speaks of the need for me to take aggressive action in life now and not take a backseat.
3.     My future: I drew the contrary Raccoon. This tells me I’m robbing myself of much needed strength and denying the need to be generous or compassionate with myself. It also reminds me to keep watch for takers who never give back.
4.     Pattern that’s moving through my life: Blank card I labeled with trusting others. This card was also in the contrary position telling me I trust the wrong people too often.
5.     A challenge I’ve conquered: Blank card I had labeled with need to cut out people who aren’t in my corner and don’t support me.
6.     What’s working for me: I drew the contrary Butterfly card. This represents a need for a change in my life I’m not recognizing like the need for a vacation or a new job. I’ve been afraid to change my current job situation but this card is demanding I move forward, spread my wings and fly!
7.     What’s working against me: I drew the contrary Eagle card. This means I have forgotten my power and connection to the Great Spirit. I must love myself as I’m loved by the Great Spirit and reconnect with the most important part of my life.

For those who know me, they’ll see this reading is spot on.  I have to admit I do have a few chills as I read over these results again. Time I take the advice and work on myself to get those spirit animals out of the contrary positions and right again so my life has balance.  The most important lesson for me is to reconnect with my spirituality so I can move through whatever life has to bring. Life can get in the way at times and we tend to forget what’s most important. No more.

Go on and get your own deck of Medicine Cards and the companion book to explain what they all mean. You just might be surprised at what the cards reveal for you!

Blessed be,

Tammy Dennings Maggy

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  1. Thank you for having me over to talk about the Medicine Cards. They've helped me move through some rough patches and not be afraid of the new adventures around the bend. We should sit down together, in person, and do a reading for you. I bet you'll get some great surprises!