Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sexy is as Sexy Does #MySexySaturday #EroticRomance #Paranormal

Sexy is as sexy does....
Seven paragraphs to tantalize and tempt from multiple romance authors…welcome to the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. 
Today's tasty seven is from the paranormal erotic romance, Blurred Lines. 

"I know this." He slid his hand beneath her sweater and seized her bare breast. "I know you want me." He kissed her with his eyes wide open. "I know I'm alive." He shifted their weight so that he pinned her to the cushions. "I know I hate it that you cry in your sleep." He teased her lips with the tip of his tongue. "I know I can give you exactly what you need."
"What is that?" She clenched her hands in his hair and held him steady, her gaze unwavering and filled with questions and a dare. "What do you think I need?"
"I think we need each other."
"I can't...I'm not ready for what you're talking about."
"Yes, you are." He kissed her, deep and slow until she moaned deep in her throat and her fingers curled against his scalp. "Let me in, Sierra."
"I thought I did that last night." She smiled against his lips while her hands slid down his neck to wander over his shoulders. "You're so intense all of the time, don't you ever lighten up?"
"Look who's talking, the Mistress of Miserable."
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Letting go is like a death. Sierra never thought she would be caught in a love triangle between her writing partner, Alex, and the love of her life, Shane—especially because her ex-fiancé is now a ghost. Tormented with both guilt for moving on with someone else and a desire to be free of the past, she's pulled between both men. Shane struggles with accepting his death and seeing the woman he loves with someone else. Alex is determined to free Sierra from limbo and change their relationship from casual to serious, but the bond she has with Shane transcends death. One of the three needs to let go.

Only the good die young. When Shane Weston is murdered before prosecuting a key member of the Mexican drug cartel, he can't accept the idea that all of the plans he had had for his life will never come true. More than that, he can't let go of the love he has for his fiancée.

Love never dies. Sierra Daniels is crushed after Shane's death. Head writer on a successful television series, she can't get back into the groove of life. All enthusiasm for work is gone. Ready to quit everything, she travels to her cabin in Lake Tahoe in hopes of escaping everyone's expectations and disappearing for a while.

The lines between right and wrong often blur. Alexander Blaine has risked his future on a career change from DEA agent to lead consultant and writer on hit television series. Sierra's grief has shadowed everyone around her, including him, and jeopardizes both of their careers. Unwilling to accept defeat, he follows her to Lake Tahoe determined to break through the barrier enveloping her and make her see that life is still worth living. 
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