Sunday, November 15, 2015

Danger Turns Them On #PNR #EroticRomance #ScintillatingSunday

 They explore other dimensions
They're fearless (sometimes)...comical (most of the time) (all the damn time)
They're only afraid of one
World's sexiest paranormal team is swept up in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle
 Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share 8 paragraphs of their work that gets the adrenaline pumping. Here's a look inside Uncharted Territory, Book One: Bermuda Triangle and Stanley Hotel. 


"Shh..." He slammed his mouth against hers, feeling that if this were their last minutes on earth, he wanted to be her last kiss. Her fingernails sank into his shoulders as her mouth opened to his and her body plastered as close as it could while their legs moved in unison to keep them upright. 

They felt the whoosh slide by them, the mass of the shark apparent, without breaking their kiss. Eyes wide open to one another, they held on until they felt the absence of the predator. 

"We'd better go." He pulled his mask over his face and watched her do the same. 

Both double-checked the other's regulators before silently slipping beneath the waves. The shark loomed in sight circling as they sank toward the bottom, breathing slow and steady to limit the bubbles they would create. The Bimini Road still laid out beneath them, creating an ominous almost fateful feeling to their situation. Searchers for adventure and mysteries, they were alone amid ruins while at the mercy of a predator. 

They settled between the large stones, eyes on one another rather than their new friend who now dominated the water above them. 

"Do you think we're getting all of this on camera?" she asked, her voice sounding odd through the crackle of the communication system in the mask. She pressed down, using all of her strength to remain still despite the current that pulled at them. 

"Morbid thought. Who do you think's going to find it if something happens to us? We're miles off course from where we began." He glanced up toward the shark before allowing himself to appreciate the magnificence of the stones surrounding them. 

"People like us, I suppose." She grinned and linked her fingers with his. "No regrets here, Ryder."

From the back cover...

Uncharted Territory--a paranormal erotic romance series featuring sexy duo Bethany Colton and Josh Ryder.

Stars of the successful television show that travels the world in search of the truth behind legends, myths and all things unexplained, the world's sexiest paranormal team is considered fearless by their fans. There is only one thing that they're secretly afraid 

Each book in the series contains two episodes filled with adventure, mystery and erotic exploration. 

In Book One: Episode One, the team explores the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Amidst the mysteries of the deep blue, Josh and Bethany are swept into another dimension where they battle for their lives.

 In Book One: Episode Two, the team travels to the legendary Stanley Hotel where they encounter horny ghosts with murderous intentions.

***Although the series is best read consecutively, each book reads as a stand-alone. This is an erotic romance series written as a television series broken down to episodes that contain sexually explicit and sometimes violent situations. 

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