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Lose Your Inhibitions and Indulge in Some Kinky Fun #BDSM #NewRelease

It's FRIDAY, people! You know what that means--it's time to think about some kinky fun and let those inhibitions fly out the window! YES! Today I'm hosting a fabulous author, Maddie Taylor, who's giving us a taste of her new release, What About Love, the last book in her Club Decadence series. Get your clicking finger ready because you're going to want to read this!

At last it’s here.  What About Love, the final book in my Club Decadence series.  Yes, it’s bittersweet, but it has been almost three years in coming and seven books in total, not counting two spin off series that are still underway. 

If you’re new to Club Decadence, come in, take your shoes off (forbidden for submissives in the exclusive dungeon) and meet the six Decadence Masters.  All tall, handsome-as-sin, inherently dominant men, right down to the heels of their ex-Green Beret Army boots. 

Action, danger, and suspense are their constant companions as they fight drug kingpins and their minions, criminals who target their women, black mailers who extort a few of their elite members, and one, whose goal is to shut down the club for good.  In this last volume, the hero and heroine go undercover to hunt down a serial rapist who is snatching subs from the sister facility in LA. 
Add in the BDSM club play, romance and drama, and there is a little something-something for everyone.  J

Can you tell I love these sexy Doms and can’t get enough?  I hope you feel the same way. 

So away we go…

What About Love
Club Decadence Book 6

The set up:

After their mission is over, Angie must put her love aside and learn to work with him, somehow.  It isn’t easy falling for a man who doesn’t have it to give in return.  Angie has taken the three months T has been away to get her head on straight.  Now he’s back and the desire they had for one another burns just as hot.  When they run into each other by surprise at the office, after hours and all alone, their passions ignite.

The excerpt:
She wrenched free and took a step back. “What is wrong with you? You don’t want me, yet you act like an ass at the thought that someone else might. You can’t have it both ways, T.”
He pushed her back against the wall—it seemed he was forever doing that—and she thought she heard him murmur “beautiful” before his mouth, searing hot and demanding, opened over hers, his tongue plunging deep. His hands dove into her hair, holding her still as his hips thrust forward, the hard length of him pressing into her belly.
“Feel that?” he challenged against her lips. “I never said I didn’t want you.”
Her skirt came up the next instant and his hands dove into the back of her panties, cupping her cheeks.
“T,” she breathed. Wanting him for so long, she quickly lost her resolve and melted into him. He responded immediately by lifting her against him. As he did, she lost a shoe. Rather than let her feet dangle awkwardly a foot off the ground, she wrapped her legs around his hips.
His chest anchored her against the wall as his lips found her throat. The rasp of his zipper and the crinkle of a wrapper barely registered, unlike the long fingers pulling the crotch of her panties aside. That definitely penetrated her lust clouded brain. As did the hard thrust of him up inside her. Her head fell back and her mouth opened, thirsty for air as he plunged into her repeatedly. Hard and fast, he took what he wanted and she gave it freely. Reveling in the feel of him inside her, against her, his mouth hungrily gliding across her skin.
She felt her body tighten as he built the need inside her. Her pussy clamped down as her climax neared.
“So hot and tight. I’ve wanted this again so badly, darlin’.” The husky whisper came from deep in his throat as he lifted his head. In his face she read need, as great as her own, but also something more, something powerful and more intense than arousal over a good sex. Before she could decipher what was there, it was gone and his mouth came down, greedily claiming hers again.
She couldn’t think about anything except his body moving against her and inside her, or the hand that slid around in front. Finding the nerve center with his thumb, he went to work, driving her need higher and keeping her there, as if riding the crest of a long wave until inevitably it broke, crashing over her in a rush of pleasure.
It didn’t recede afterward, finding more joy as she felt him tense against her, pumping his hips harder. He shuddered, his head falling forward as he groaned along with his release. The sound a low, deep, sexy rumble in her ear.
After a few slow, indolent thrusts, he stilled against her, motionless except for the rapid rise and fall of his chest. In that instant, she felt him pull away, not physically, but in the way he had in L.A. She could tell before he raised his head and she saw the look on his face.
Frustrated and confused, she gripped his hair and tugged. “Don’t do this again.”
“I told you, Angie. I can’t—”
“You can’t?’ With all her strength, she shoved at his shoulders. Having well over one hundred pounds on her, he didn’t budge. Hurt and anger in equal proportions crept into her voice as she choked back tears. “At least tell me why. You owe me that.”
His eyes burned with regret as he stared down at her. Silent moments dragged on until he lowered his head, whether to kiss her or something else, she’d never know because she jerked her head away.
“Let me go,” she whispered, her voice raw with emotion.
Something must have penetrated, maybe her desperation, or her anguish because he released her and stepped back.
“You have to stop this, T,” she pleaded, as she righted her dress, her misery so acute it was a physical pain. Her voice was a ragged whisper when she continued. “I deserve to be more than a meaningless fuck against the wall.”
In the quiet that followed that verbal blow, she heard him grunt, as if someone had slammed a fist into his gut. She ignored it, knowing from experience it wasn’t what she thought, or hoped it to be.
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The blurb:

On the outside looking in for years, Angela Hixson thinks she knows what the BDSM club scene and lifestyle are all about from watching her friends with their dominant husbands and attending “Little Black Dress” Nights in the lounge at Club Decadence. But when her boss tags her to go undercover as bait for a serial killer at a BDSM club in LA, she learns she has no idea what being submissive really means.

Partnered with Antonio “Lil T” Minelli, sexy as hell ex-Green Beret turned security and covert ops specialist for Rossi Security, and the last available Decadence Master, Angie must guard her heart or risk losing it to the one man who has the power to make her kneel in surrender. He is also a man who has made no secret that marriage, family and love aren’t for him. Instead, having sworn off relationships beyond the walls of his club, he meets his needs with an available, willing submissive, making it clear up front not to expect more than an unforgettable night.

Thrown together again and again, at work, at play, and in near constant emotionally charged situations, Angie and Lil T fight their attraction, but succumb to their undeniable desire. The chemistry between them is explosive, as is the sex. As Angie falls under the spell of his expertly wielded flogger, her fears come to fruition when she realizes she’s lost her heart and given her love to a man who swears he doesn’t have it in him to give in return. In time, she sees past the fun loving, player exterior to the tortured man beneath. Can she convince him to take a chance, to entrust his damaged heart into her loving hands and try again? Or will he reinforce the shields he’s built over the past decade and push her away, losing her forever?

What About Love is the final installment in the Club Decadence series. Catch up with old friends in this fast paced, action packed story, full of as much BDSM adventure and romance as the others in Maddie Taylor’s popular series.

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