Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day Three of the Thirty Day #Sex Challenge

Time to energize your sex life with Dakota Skye's thirty day sex challenge. Are you up for it?

The best way for any couple to feel more emotionally and physcially connected is to have mind-blowing sex. Whether you've been together for years, are juggling work and kids, or simply are overwhelmed with every day life, you can't put sex on the back burner. The connection you have with your partner needs to be nourished and cherished as one of the most important priorties in your life. At the end of these thirty days, your lover's mind may be blown once again--and you'll be all the happier for the renewed connection.

Over the month of January and into February, we're going to pose thirty challenges for you to do today!

Day Three--Wear Something Different as Foreplay

When you set out for a night of seduction, what's your usual go-to attire? Or have you stopped thinking "sexy" and simply pull on your pajama pants and hope for the best? Well, challenge three is to go out of your comfort zone and surprise your lover with something different. Put some effort into it--make yourself feel flirty and fabulous. More importantly, wear something today that makes you feel confident and beautiful. When you feel that way, you glow and your lover will respond to that more than anything else.

Go forth and seduce!
Dakota Skye


  1. Excellent advice. Flirty & fab always work. Cheers!

  2. How fun is this! I love this advice. Now...I need to go back and read the other two that I missed. My only issue: It's cold in New England. I need find sexy AND warm. But now, I'm inspired. Thanks for the great post.