Saturday, January 16, 2016

Strip for Me #ScintillatingSunday #Erotica #Thriller

He's a man on the edge with nothing to lose...
She's an FBI agent who likes to break the rules...
Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Romance and Erotic Romance Blog Hop where multiple authors share 8 paragraphs of their work that they find 'scintillating.' Looking inside the pages of the erotic thriller, SnowBound--a book that's not for the shy or the faint of heart. 


"Strip for me," he said against her skin. 

Backing away abruptly, he stared at her through the dark room as if daring her to comply. 

Not taking her gaze from his face, she shrugged off her coat and tossed it aside. She unbuttoned her blouse, pausing for a minute to slide her fingers between her breasts and down her abdomen.

He watched her every move as if hypnotized. 

The knowledge empowered her boldness. 

Turning her back, she let the blouse slide from her shoulders, past her ass, and onto the ground as she walked to the king-sized bed illuminated only by streetlamps glowing through the windows. 

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she lifted one leg, unzipped the boot, looked at his face, and slowly pulled it off. She repeated with the other. Abruptly, she stood and yanked the comforter away, giving him a good view of her butt as she crawled to the center of the mattress wearing only her leather skirt and bra. Standing, she faced him. She wiggled free of the skirt, bending ever so slightly to show off the bounce of her breasts barely concealed by black lace. Biting her bottom lip, she unsnapped her bra and shrugged so that the straps fell slowly down her shoulders. 

He groaned from where he stood in the shadows. 

From the back cover...

Professional psychic Landon Mitchel is a desperate man willing to do whatever it takes to save his sister—including kidnapping a federal agent.

FBI Agent Haley Masters has a reckless side that leads her into dangerous sexual situations to burn off the anxiety of her job. When she meets a hot man in a bar hoping for one night of fun, little does she know he's about to take her on a wild ride of conspiracy, sexual exploration, and betrayal.

Will Landon be able to rescue his sister or will she be lost forever? Will Landon and Haley's mutual quest for justice bring them together or tear them apart as the danger of their twisted hunt for ruthless human traffickers comes to an end? 

*sexually explicit, violence, and dark themes*
Ready for a thrill ride?
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