Saturday, February 20, 2016

He Saved Her Life, Now He's Being Hunted #ParanormalRomance #MySexySaturday

He saved her life, now he's being hunted. 
A demigod, he's risked his world for the love of a mortal. 

Excerpt of Impact Zone, an erotic paranormal romance suspense, about Nico Triton, King of the Sea, and his love for a surfer chic named Josie that risks his entire kingdom of merfolk...

Normally, this is when she'd tell him to screw off and leave her alone because mind games weren't her thing; but nothing about this felt normal. 

"Do you also have a clan of some kind I need to know about?" she asked with a smirk. 

"I do, yes." He nodded without smiling and leaned closer until their bodies were a mere fraction apart. "There are things about me that the public can never know. Does that frighten you?"

Any woman with common sense would run like hell, she knew that, but her feet were rooted in place. The breath caught in her throat as she stared up into those riveting eyes of his.  Adrenaline surged past apprehension. She felt as if she were at a point break about to catch the wave of her life.

"I've risked a lot for you, Josie Wells." He touched a finger to the side of her face and grinned. "I need you to believe that I didn't kill that woman."

"You have a clan? What does that mean? Is it like a weird cult of some kind?" she whispered, terrified of being overheard. 

"No." He laughed and nodded toward the car. "Are you coming with me or not? Your choice. If you'd prefer never to see me again, I can easily go."

From the back cover...

He saved her life, but now he's being hunted.

Nico Triton has a secret. He's a merman who saved the life of a champion surfer. As the leader of the merfolk, his interference with Fate has had severe repercussions that only love will solve.

Murder on the beach.

Josie Wells knows how to conquer the waves, but when she witnesses a murder on her beach, the impact shatters the surfing community of Santa Cruz. The tragedy brings her up close and personal with her secret crush, the elusive billionaire, Nico Triton.
Will their love be enough to bridge their two worlds?

Secrets become confessions and trust is tested as betrayal threatens their lives. When a merman falls in love with a surfer chic and two worlds collide, expect an Impact Zone of danger and passion.

*contains explicit sexual content and some violence*

Let the adventure begin--start reading today! 

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  1. I don't think she wants him to go. She seems pretty strong willed and eager to learn of his clan. Great snippet