Saturday, February 6, 2016

Passion So Intense It Transcends Worlds #Paranormal #Romance on #ScintillatingSunday

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Romance Blog Hop where multiple romance and erotic romance authors share eight paragraphs of their work that they find 'scintillating.' Exploring the action-packed pages of the paranormal erotic romance novel, Impact Zone. 


His father had warned him about mortals that had the power to cause a god to tremble. He stepped toward her, the warning thumping in his ears as he tilted her chin up with his thumb. So tiny yet so strong. That's how he saw her anyway, as a petite spitfire. 

He touched his mouth to hers and tried to hold himself back, but when her warm mouth yielded to his and her strong hands gripped his forearms, he battled for control. 

The kiss sent a thunderbolt of need through his entire body. He poured his longing into her with his mouth while his hands roamed over her bare back until finally molding her against him. 

"You're electrifying," she whispered against his lips. 

"I find it hard to control myself around you." He stepped back, conscious of the fact that they were not alone and of the need to proceed slowly. 

She gripped the front of his shirt and grinned at him with swollen lips. "I dare you to lose control, Nico. I'd like to see what that looks like." 

He clenched his fists at his side and resisted the urge to press her onto the ground. The need to get her naked and screaming his name drowned out all common sense. 

"I want that, too," she whispered, eyes wide as if she'd heard him. 

Impossible. He shook his head and stepped back. No mortal had ever been able to hear his thoughts and he wasn't sure he liked it. 

From the back cover...

He saved her life, but now he's being hunted.

Nico Triton has a secret. He's a merman who saved the life of a champion surfer. As the leader of the merfolk, his interference with Fate has had severe repercussions that only love will solve.

Murder on the beach.

Josie Wells knows how to conquer the waves, but when she witnesses a murder on her beach, the impact shatters the surfing community of Santa Cruz. The tragedy brings her up close and personal with her secret crush, the elusive billionaire, Nico Triton.
Will their love be enough to bridge their two worlds?

Secrets become confessions and trust is tested as betrayal threatens their lives. When a merman falls in love with a surfer chic and two worlds collide, expect an Impact Zone of danger and passion.

*contains explicit sexual content

Catch a wave of riveting action 
and heart-pounding passion today! 


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  1. Love your animated graphics and your writing style. "I dare you to lose control".... ummm, that's pure sexiness!