Sunday, March 6, 2016

Crossing the Line into Uncharted Territory #ScintillatingSunday #ParanormalRomance

They're the world's sexiest paranormal team, fearless when it comes to ghosts...scared as hell when it comes to love...
Uncharted Territory

Excerpt of Book One of the Uncharted Territory series (each book is a stand-alone)...

Naked, Josh Ryder could easily grace a Playgirl spread. Damn, she'd never get tired of seeing him hard and ready, cock twitching in the air over narrow hips and abs that any male model would envy.

"Take off your clothes, Bethany." His gaze roamed over her with a possessiveness that thrilled her. 

She scooted to her knees, fingers on the buttons of her blouse as she slowly stripped for him. Every other time they'd had sex had been hurried and in some strange location—tent, beach, boat, tree. They'd never acted like civilized lovers in a bed with the lights on and room service within arms' reach. 

Smiling, she tossed her blouse and bra aside. Feeling the affects of rum and desire, she laughed and jumped to her feet. With his gaze following her every move, she undid her jeans and wiggled her hips from side to side as she pushed them down her thighs. Thumbs looping in the sides of her thong, she watched him bite his lip before she shimmied free of the silk. 

"Come here." He bent his finger to coax her closer to the edge of the bed. 

He moved his hands over her ribs before sliding them across her abdomen and over her breasts as if reveling in the sight of her. "You are so beautiful, Bethany. I'm sorry I avoided you in Los Angeles. I was a little freaked out."

"It's okay." She let him touch her without moving to reciprocate. Captivated by the look in his eyes and the tenderness of his touch, she indulged in being adored. "I'm sorry you were hurt today."

His gaze snapped to hers while his hands squeezed her breasts. "We've crossed a line and I'm not going back."

From the back cover...

Uncharted Territory--a paranormal erotic romance series featuring sexy duo Bethany Colton and Josh Ryder. Stars of the successful television show that travels the world in search of the truth behind legends, myths and all things unexplained, the world's sexiest paranormal team is considered fearless by their fans.There is only one thing that they're secretly afraid 

Each book in the series contains two episodes filled with adventure, mystery and erotic exploration. 

In Book One: Episode One, the team explores the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Amidst the mysteries of the deep blue, Josh and Bethany are swept into another dimension where they battle for their lives.

In Book One: Episode Two, the team travels to the legendary Stanley Hotel where they encounter horny ghosts with murderous intentions.

***Although the series is best read consecutively, each book reads as a stand-alone. This is an erotic romance series written as a television series broken down to episodes that contain sexually explicit and sometimes violent situations.