Sunday, March 20, 2016

Supernatural Fantasies of Love and Longing #ScintillatingSunday #paranormalromance

***Adult Content Warning*** 
Three Stories
One Book
Slip into Daydreams...
Excerpt of Story One, The Mariner...

"I can't believe you're a ghost," the last word choked in her throat, "that you're...not alive."

"I told you I crossed a line the moment we first kissed." He held her hand against his skin and grinned at her. 

"Lines are for losers." She winked despite the sorrow in her heart for what would never be, for the fantasies she'd begun to have. "I wouldn't change a thing."

He stood and removed his clothes without looking away from her. She liked watching him strip, the knowledge of his story only making him more intriguing in her mind—more exotic, more taboo. He crawled into the tub behind her and slipped his hands over her breasts. 

She leaned her head against his shoulder, closed her eyes, and savored the sensations of his hands roaming over her body. When his fingers slid between her legs, she sighed. She opened her thighs a bit more, giving him full access. 

His cock hardened against her back. Water sloshed over the edge of the claw-footed tub as he adjusted his position, shifting her higher on his body while one hand cupped her breast and the other slid over her slit. A finger slipped inside her pussy. He kissed the side of her neck. 

She twisted her head and met his lips in a slow kiss meant to bond them rather than ignite the slow burning passion already stirring in her blood. 

One finger became two and he plunged them inside her with a growing intensity. Their tongues swept against one another, eyes open and locked on each other. The steam of the water flushed their skin. She turned and slid her hands over the scars she now suspected he'd suffered from his shipwreck. 

He grabbed her hips and pushed her down onto this throbbing cock. Water splashed between their bodies. He dragged his mouth over her breasts as she held his shoulders and arched backward to give him full access. They rocked together slowly, the hot water competing with the strong energy surging between them. 

He wrapped her hair around his fists and pulled her back to his mouth. They kissed, long and slow as their bodies climaxed at the same time. Together they moaned against each other's lips. 

"You are magnificent," he whispered. 

"Keep telling me that."

"Forever and always...even when you can't hear me anymore."

"That won't happen." 

Sadness reentered his eyes before he buried his face into her neck and held her against him. The water cooled while their bodies remained joined. She twisted her fingers in his hair and closed her eyes, tears once again stinging her eyes. 

And she knew then—even though the words remained unspoken—that their time together would soon end.

From the back cover...

Imagine...a ghostly mariner haunting the shores of Ireland who reminds a lonely woman how beautiful life is...a bounty hunter who gets more than he bargained for with his bail-jumping witch of a jewel thief...and a bar owner who discovers the joy of being loved by two other-worldly visitors trapped in a desperate situation...Daydreams, a collection of paranormal erotic short stories.

Escape the madness of the world, indulge your naughty side, and lose yourself in fantasy.

**sexually explicit, paranormal, and some dark themes**

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