Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dark and Dangerous Erotic #ParanormalRomance #MyScintillatingSunday

Excerpt of the erotic paranormal romance adventure series, Uncharted Territory...This specific excerpt is from Book One: Episode Two where the team investigates the Stanley Hotel.

Whatever power filled the room forced her eyes open and tilted her chin upward. There, looming against the wall, were at least a dozen shadow figures that were unmistakably male. 

"They're going to feast on you." Annabelle's fingers sank into Bethany's shoulders, freezing her in place. "And I'm going to love every minute of it. Inside you, I can feel again, feel like I did as a human, and I want to be ravaged."

"I-I-I don't." Bethany used every ounce of survival instinct to pull away from the ghost. Facing her, she gaped at the ghostly woman with long blonde hair and vacant eyes. "You need to move on from this place."

"Why would I want to do that?" Annabelle smiled. "I get to play here."

Large shadowy hands reached from behind and cupped Bethany's breasts. Cold breath slid over her neck, "So big, so warm."

Paralyzed again, she had no choice but to allow the shadow hands to grope her chest while Annabelle smiled. 

"A whore when you lived, a whore when you died. Jonathan and Brent would be horribly disappointed," Bethany bit out between her teeth that had locked together. 

"Who do you think is going to fuck you?" Annabelle's head dipped drastically to the side, her smile becoming wicked. "I appease them with the living. My penance."

Teeth sank into her shoulder. Merciless fingers pinched her nipples. Another set of shadow hands squeezed her ass before pushing her jeans down her hips.

From the back cover...

Uncharted Territory--a paranormal erotic romance series featuring sexy duo Bethany Colton and Josh Ryder.

Stars of the successful television show that travels the world in search of the truth behind legends, myths and all things unexplained, the world's sexiest paranormal team is considered fearless by their fans. There is only one thing that they're secretly afraid 

Each book in the series contains two episodes filled with adventure, mystery and erotic exploration. 

In Book One: Episode One, the team explores the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Amidst the mysteries of the deep blue, Josh and Bethany are swept into another dimension where they battle for their lives.

 In Book One: Episode Two, the team travels to the legendary Stanley Hotel where they encounter horny ghosts with murderous intentions.

***Although the series is best read consecutively, each book reads as a stand-alone. This is an erotic romance series written as a television series broken down to episodes that contain sexually explicit and sometimes violent situations. 

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