Saturday, May 14, 2016

Deja Vu Hints of a Love Long Forgotten #ScintillatingSunday #PNR

Excerpt of the action-packed erotic supernatural romance, Impact Zone...

He narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I murdered the woman?"

She skimmed her gaze over his face before shaking her head 'no.' Instinct told her to trust him and she'd always been one to act on gut feelings. "Someone did and he couldn't have gotten far if you didn't see him running your way. He could still be here." 

Standing eye-level with the center of his chest, she couldn't help but take another long look at the tanned muscles inches from her face. Sand and sea salt clung to his skin in the most tempting of places. She bit her lip, clenched her hands at her sides, and fought the urge to touch him. 

"Yeah, I get that feeling, too." He looked behind him to where a steep staircase led to his home on the cliff. "I live up there—"

"I know," she blurted out before thinking twice about it. Everyone in Santa Cruz knew the reclusive billionaire lived in the massive house overlooking the city and beach. 

Here I go again, making an idiot of myself around this guy. She shoved her hands through her hair and tried not to think of all the blood she'd seen oozing from the stranger's head or of the murderer who could be watching them as they spoke. 

"You said the man ran off?" His gaze still trained on the steps leading to his home, he took a step toward them, but she grabbed his arm to stop him. 

Waves of intense need washed over her like a tsunami at the contact. Once again deja vu lit her heart whispering to her that she knew him from a long time ago. But how could that be possible? 

From the back cover...

He saved her life, but now he's being hunted.

Nico Triton has a secret. He's a merman who saved the life of a champion surfer. As the leader of the merfolk, his interference with Fate has had severe repercussions that only love will solve.

Murder on the beach.

Josie Wells knows how to conquer the waves, but when she witnesses a murder on her beach, the impact shatters the surfing community of Santa Cruz. The tragedy brings her up close and personal with her secret crush, the elusive billionaire, Nico Triton. 

Will their love be enough to bridge their two worlds?

Secrets become confessions and trust is tested as betrayal threatens their lives. When a merman falls in love with a surfer chic and two worlds collide, expect an Impact Zone of danger and passion.

*contains explicit sexual content

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