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Breaking All the Rules with SnowBound #Thanksgiving #romance

When people ask me what I'm grateful for, there are many things of course, but one thing I am truly thankful for is to be able to express myself as a woman. There was a time in our not too distant past when being a single, assertive, independent woman was frowned upon. Sure, there are times when I still get some push back, but it's not the norm.

Women are free to be sexual, to revel in their sexuality. We're able to take the initiative without fear of being labeled.

We can travel alone. That may seem like a weird thing to be grateful for, but remember...fifty years ago that wouldn't have been cool.

So, today, along with a myriad of other things, I celebrate being a woman and being free to decide my own destiny.

Here's to 2016--a somewhat turbulent year for me personally--but I'm still here and so are you. We may be battered and bruised but we're still kick'n it.

Have a happy holiday season!

Dakota Skye

Here's a blurb and excerpt of my holiday erotic thriller, SnowBound--not for the shy. Don't let the pretty cover fool you...*wink*

From the back cover...

Professional psychic Landon Mitchel is a desperate man willing to do whatever it takes to save his sister—including kidnapping a federal agent.

FBI Agent Haley Masters has a reckless side that leads her into dangerous sexual situations to burn off the anxiety of her job. When she meets a hot man in a bar hoping for one night of fun, little does she know he's about to take her on a wild ride of conspiracy, sexual exploration, and betrayal.

Will Landon be able to rescue his sister or will she be lost forever? Will Landon and Haley's mutual quest for justice bring them together or tear them apart as the danger of their twisted hunt for ruthless human traffickers comes to an end?

*sexually explicit and dark themes*

An excerpt...

She slid her gaze over him and did a quick profile: bad boy con artist who liked his sex rough and his women feisty. At least a foot taller than her, she had to look up at him even from this sitting position. Chocolate hair waved back from his face and curled around his ears, green eyes focused on the amount of skin revealed by her blouse, and his smile screamed I'll-Make-You-Come-Over-and-Over-Again.

Exactly the disposable type she was looking for tonight.

Haley perched her elbow on the bar and faced him, her knee sliding along his thigh as she turned. "Issues?"

"Oh, she speaks." He drank his tequila while surveying the crowd around them.

"You don't care much for social boundaries, do you?"

"Do you?" His gaze lingered at the hint of her black lace bra exposed by the fall of her blouse down her shoulder.

He emanated power and confidence. His gaze across her shoulder, up her neck and over her face felt like a tangible caress.

She shivered under the scrutiny and squeezed her legs tighter together to stop the sudden tremble in them.

"I'm Landon—"

"I don't remember asking." Her gaze dipped lower over the leather jacket and black sweater he wore underneath it. Her fingers itched to touch him. "Are you a tourist or do you live around here?"

"A little bit of both."

"A man of mystery."

"Yes, actually, I am." Smiling, he looked at the bartender and ordered a shot of tequila for himself before handing her the third one.

As an FBI agent, she knew the risks. She also knew she could handle herself.

Right now, she wanted to handle him.

"Man of mystery? You'd think I'd be intrigued and ask some questions about that, but I'm not."

"Not what? Intrigued or bothered to ask a question?" His slow smile reassured her that they were headed down the same path.

"Can you keep a secret?" She leaned within a few inches of his face and looked him in the eye.

"I've been known to keep many."

"I don't really give a damn about your story." She dropped her hand over his, watched the golden flecks at the center of his eye flicker with the dilation of his pupil. "But I'm definitely interested."

"Straight to the point," he whispered.

"Why waste time?" She slid her hand slowly off of his, enjoying the role of seductress. Her finger lingered on his wrist before she picked up the fresh round of tequila, lifted it to her lips, and downed it without looking away from his eyes.

Damn, despite her act, she really did want to know more details. He had a certain air about him that hinted at danger and darkness.

Landon mimicked her actions with the tequila, a challenge in his eyes as if daring to see how far she'd go.

What he had no way of knowing is that she didn't have limits, not on nights like tonight when the need for human connection drove her past the point of caring about rules or protocol. Nights like this she needed something to make her feel alive after becoming numb from a job that had few happy endings.

"Strangers in bars can be risky," he said. "Maybe I'm here to kidnap you and make you do my bidding."

"I have a license to kill...don't make me use it." She leaned her elbow on the bar, enjoying the baritone of his voice.

He quirked an eyebrow. "A woman after my own heart."

"It's not your heart I'm interested in having."

He laughed, a look of genuine surprise lighting his face. He dropped his hand to the bare skin of her thigh exposed between the boot and hem of her skirt. Leaning in, he asked, "Want to hear one of my secrets?"

"Not particularly."

"I have very few inhibitions."

Pulse accelerated at the idea of getting him naked and uninhibited. She'd had a frustrating month of chasing madmen across the country, battling red tape, and dealing with a challenging partner. Sitting within a fraction of Mr. Tiger Eyes, she wanted to unleash all that pent up energy onto him.

"Grab a taxi with me?" she asked, not willing to waste another minute on small talk.

"Might as well get on to the good stuff." He winked, tossed some money onto the bar and then stepped from the stool. Before she could grab her jacket, he held it out for her to slip into.

She slid her arms into the leather sleeves, back to him, and smiled at the gesture. When he pulled her hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck, shudders of pure desire melted her panties to her skin.

Danger always turned her on and, picking up this man felt like a Level Red Imminent Threat.

She looked up at him and grinned. She might be small in comparison to his massive frame, but a tour of duty in the US Marines followed by extensive training at FBI headquarters in Quantico gave her an advantage. The combination made her the perfect undercover agent...and gave her confidence for her secret lifestyle in the night shadows.

"I'm Haley, in case you're wondering." She snagged his hand and led him toward the door.

"I didn't think we were trading names." He laughed, his fingers tightening over hers.

"I changed my mind." Again only giving the holiday lights a cursory glance, she led him down the street to where a line of taxis waited outside the Westin.

Once inside the taxi, Landon pulled her against him, molded his hands over her ass, and sucked on her lower lip.

She liked his straight to the point attitude. Grabbing his crotch with one hand, she held the back of his head with the other.

Eyes wide open, they kissed. Slowly at first before growing animalistic. Biting. Sucking. Groping. Passion reverberated between them like a living thing binding their bodies together in a force field that couldn't be escaped.

Hands beneath her skirt on the bare skin of her ass, he slipped a finger beneath the thin strip of her thong. He moaned against her mouth as if sensing her need.

She rubbed her hand over the zipper of his jeans, thrilled at the bulge hardening beneath her touch.

"C'mon, guys, I have other passengers during the night. Keep it clean back there," the taxi driver said.

Laughing into each other's mouths, they ignored the reprimand and kept touching each other in ways that made the clothes unbearable barriers to satisfaction.

Keep it now!

Keep hopping! 

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A Witchy Woman Who Has Her Hunter Under an Erotic Spell #ParanormalRomance

She's a witchy woman and a jewel thief...
He's the bounty hunter hot on her trail...
The trick is she's toying with him, playing with him and the hunter has become the hunted 
Bounty, story 2 in the Daydreams erotic paranormal short story collection by Dakota Skye content 

She could be anywhere. 

I know you're here. 

A black cat perched on a post on the pier and watched him. Or at least, in his mood, he imagined that it watched him. 

Thinking of the cat that had been on his balcony, he stepped toward it unconsciously. When it bolted from the post, leapt across the hill, and then down another dock, he followed from pure intuition. That cat had been afraid of him...not that cats were usually overly friendly, but something about the way it had bolted triggered his inner predator. 

He jogged along the shadows, eyes locked on the cat scurrying toward the end of the pier. There were six boats on this particular dock. He put his hand on the butt of the gun he'd tucked in the back of his jeans and did his best to stay away from the light pools cascading down from the tall poles in between each boat. Far away voices whispered over the water. Rocking waves pulsated against resting hulls and stirred beneath the wooden planks under his feet. 

He lost track of the cat, which narrowed it down to the final two boats.

Of course, if he was wrong and he ended up crashing some rich guy's party, his day would end on a definite low. What would his excuse be? Chasing a cat? 

And he'd give up. 

If, after all this, he'd lost all focus and deductive reasoning, he'd admit defeat and return to Dallas never to speak of his Los Angeles escapades again. 

He stood between the two yachts at the end and debated about which one to board first. The cat had long since disappeared and, because they were notorious for hating water, he knew it had boarded one of these. 

I can't believe I'm chasing a black cat. He exhaled a long sigh and shook his head with disgust over his level of desperation. 

With an eeny-meeny-miney-mo level of decision-making, he chose the one to the left—the dark, empty looking one—and jumped onboard as silently as possible. Creeping low, he found the door on the stern that led inside, pulled on the handle, and frowned when it was open. 

This could be another trap, he thought briefly before dismissing the idea. Why would she assume he'd follow a cat? No one in their right mind...

He froze at the menacing click in the otherwise silent boat.

"Hands up. Turn around. Slowly. No tricks."

He'd know that voice anywhere. 

He complied and smiled when he came face-to-face with his prey. 

She held a gun, but it trembled in her hands. She'd changed into a black dress with a zipper going across her chest diagonally from left shoulder to right hip. Black hair partially covered her face illuminated by the outside light. 

"You're not going to shoot me. That's not your style," he said softly. 

"There's a first time for everything." She frowned, her confidence from earlier slipping. She used both hands to try to control the shaking gun. "How did you find me?"

"Finding people is a specialty of mine." 

She gritted her teeth and motioned for him to step further into the room. 

"Why didn't you take your gifts and go?"

"The bigger question is why are you giving me gifts in the first place? I can't be bribed."

They circled around the small space—her holding a gun in her trembling hands and him raising his hands out to his sides. 

"You're alone. Always."

"So are you, what's your point?"

"Go to hell, Jakey."

Round and round they went. He kept his gaze locked on the gun while trying to figure out what she was trying to say. 

"I can't be bribed," he said again.

"Never assumed you could. Can't a gift just be a gift? No strings attached?"

"Not from you." 

"Such a cynic."

"Side-effect of the job."

"You should come to my side. I'm the eternal optimist—no limits, no rules. This situation is unexpected, but I'm confident I'll be leaving you behind tonight, Jake. Optimism. Give it a try."

Taking a chance that she wouldn't accidentally shoot him, he lunged forward and grabbed her wrists. The gun dropped almost immediately, but she fought back using her high heels, claws, and teeth. 

They collapsed in a tangle of limbs on the ground.

He pushed her face into the carpet, grabbed her wrists, and searched his back pockets for the handcuffs he hoped like hell he'd remembered to bring. Still she kicked and writhed beneath him, a wild woman with nothing to lose, fighting him until he had her hands secured behind her waist. 

"Stop it. I've got you and I'm not letting you go."

"I'll let you think that." She twisted her head and peered at him through a veil of black hair and shadows. 

Tired of this bullshit day, he rolled off of her and panted at the ceiling. He needed a minute to relish the victory. 

She wiggled until on her knees. "I wouldn't get too comfortable if I were you."

"No? Meeting Carl? Or some other accomplice?" 

"You don't have me."

"Yes, sweetheart, I do." He moved to turn on a light so he could get a good look at her. 

He could barely believe that he'd finally won. 

Her chest heaved; hair fell across her face, revealing only one green eye that flashed menacingly at him, high cheekbones led to a full mouth that remained unsmiling at his perusal. 

He knew now was the time to call in the Feds, deliver her to an agent, and go home to collect his fat paycheck. 

But he couldn't quite find the motivation to do that. 

"How'd you manage to get bail in the first place?" he asked. 

"My secrets are for no one else's ears." She tossed her hair over her shoulder and glared at him from half-closed eyes. 

"Why did you set me up? I wouldn't have known how close I was if you hadn't. You could have just sailed off into the sunset without me being the wiser. Why this game?" He straightened his legs out in front of him, still on the floor, and watched her gaze skim over him. 

"I already told you that. I wanted my goodbye to be memorable." She caught her lower lip between her teeth, her gaze roaming over his body. 

"How do you travel around with a cat? A pet of any kind? Doesn't that make being on the run difficult?" 

He sighed at her continued silence.

"Were you really leaving town tonight or was that whole stunt this afternoon purely for your enjoyment?"

When the corners of her mouth turned upward in a barely there smile, he answered with a grin of his own. His lingered on that mouth of hers and wondered what it would feel like sucking his cock. Of course, that would violate any ethics he had left. 

"You were talkative when our positions were reversed, now you're mute. Interesting." He tapped his fingers on the floor next to his hip. He wanted answers, damn it. After following her all over the country for two months, he needed them. 

She scooted forward on her knees and further into the light. She leaned forward, her hair tickling the side of his face and whispered, "We have a few hours to play, Jake. Isn't that what you really crave? My body, my lips, my hands, my heat?" 

He gulped and leaned his head away from hers until he could look her in the eye. "Seduction won't change how this ends."

"I know." She sat back on her heels. "Why have I been toying with you all this time, Jake? Because I want what you want." 

He knew that this had to be another one of her manipulations, yet his cock twitched in response to the suggestion. 

"Do you ever stop lying?"

"The key to a successful con is to always mix in some truth."

He decided to test the dare by reaching out and grabbing the top of the zipper on her left shoulder. "Is this what you want me to do?"

She arched an eyebrow. "Isn't it what you want to do?"

Oh, hell, yes, it was. He'd fantasized about it ever since she'd skipped out on him in Denver—allegedly with a half-million dollars worth of stolen jewels. 

He pulled down the zipper, telling himself that he was simply testing her but knowing he wanted to fuck. The idea of her willing and hot beneath him boiled his blood. 

Zzzzzzip---the sound ripped through the silence. 

The sight of her full breasts above the bra removed any trace of self-control. He pushed the dress open and skimmed his fingers over the fleshy curves. Her nipples pointed out from the lace. He brushed his thumb over them and heard her gasp. 

"You really do want this, don't you?" he asked, sliding his gaze to hers. 

She answered by leaning forward and sweeping her lips across his. 

He pushed the dress down her arms, exposing her chest even more, reached under the fabric and unsnapped her bra. He wanted her tits in his mouth. Ached to roll his tongue over the hard nipples.

She crawled over his lap, straddled him, and grinned. The hem of her dress rose up her hips. 

He grabbed one breast before latching onto the other with his mouth. He sucked, nipped, squeezed. He momentarily wished her hands were on him, but knew that would be detrimental to his plan. Her breasts were heavy and warm, exactly like he'd imagined. 

She pressed tight against him and grinded her pussy against the front of his jeans. She purred low in her throat, tipped her head back, and completely surrendered to his mouth and his hands. 

Her submissiveness contradicted everything he knew her to be—always in control, cunning, independent, strong. He abandoned her breasts and nibbled his way along her collarbone to her earlobe. He knew they'd only have one night—one chance at this—and he intended to indulge. 

When his mouth covered hers again, he groaned with pleasure. Their tongues dueled in a passionate dance. Hot. Wet.

She continued rubbing herself against the front of his jeans until he felt certain his cock would break the zipper. He lifted her off of him, sat her on the edge of the sofa, stood, and freed his dick from the confines of his jeans. Without his urging, she leaned forward and licked the tip, her large green eyes looking up at him with a gleam of desire. 

He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. His fingers curled into the long strands of her hair and he thrust his hips in and out of those full lips that had mocked him with an arrogant smile only hours ago. 

His balls tightened and he pulled free of her mouth, not wanting to come. Not yet. 

He fell to his knees in front of her, pushed the dress higher until the lace of her panties showed, and peeled them from her long legs. She fell back against the cushions and spread herself for him. 

He took a moment to savor the view of her slick cunt, disheveled dress, and lush breasts with the hard nipples before squeezing her thighs and sucking her clit. She tasted like wine and all things decadent. He shoved two fingers into her already wet cunt while he went at her clit without mercy. He licked, sucked, nipped while he finger fucked her into a frenzy of gyrating hips and low moans. 

"Jake," she rasped. "Please."

"Please what?" He crawled up her body and reclaimed one of her breasts. 

His cock throbbed, aching for release, but he wanted to torment her for all the hell she'd put him through these past two months. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and ground his lips against hers until he tasted blood. No mercy. He took without gentleness. 

Unable to delay any longer, he rammed his cock deep inside her pussy until he heard her whimper. He angled his thrusts to slide against the top of her vagina, angling to the G-spot that he knew would send her over the edge. He wanted her to writhe in her prison bed, pleasuring herself to the memory of him filling her up with his cock. 

She kissed him back with an equal amount of passion, her hips grinding against his with as much force as he delivered upon her, her back arching so her breasts flattened against his chest. 
The strength of her desire fueled his. 

He pulled himself from her—again wanting to delay satisfaction with the knowledge that this would be their beginning and ending all in one night. He laughed when she cursed him to hell. 

He yanked her up by the shoulders and pulled her with him until reaching the kitchen counter. Kissing her, feeling her match his intensity, had stirred something up in his heart that he didn't want to feel. He turned her abruptly, and peeled the dress up to her waist so he could have a full view of her ass. 

He used his knees to spread her legs while his hands squeezed her butt, thumbs pressing along her slit. His gaze flicked to her bound hands and he grinned. For tonight—he owned her. 

The hunter had bagged his prey. 

He slid inside her again, this time slowly, and watched his cock enter her inch by inch. 

She had an amazing ass—rock hard and round. He slapped it once—then again—knowing she needed a good spanking. With each thrust, he smacked one buttock and then the other until her skin darkened from the blows and her entire body shuddered beneath him. 

He came. Hard. He shouted at the ceiling and pressed even deeper inside her until he felt certain he'd made contact with her womb. 

When he finally slipped out of her, he turned her to face him, ran his hands over her luscious breasts, and kissed her with a lingering passion that he felt would never dissipate. She would be the one he'd compare to all other women even though he knew that was unfair. 

"You exceeded expectations," she whispered against his lips. 

"I'm going to miss hunting you down," he admitted into her mouth. 

She smiled, nipped his chin, and—he swore—purred. 

Unable to get enough, he lifted her by the ass and carried her back to the sofa where he laid her down and continued to kiss her. He wanted to know her—didn't want to give her up quite yet, knew that once the outside world knew about her capture, he'd be out of her life forever. 

Let her go, a voice whispered from deep inside his mind.

She kissed the side of his face, her breasts flattening against his chest, and asked, "Is the thrill of the capture as exhilarating as the hunt?" 

He braced himself on his elbows and looked into her emerald eyes. "I can't let you go."

"I didn't ask you to." She grinned, mouth swollen from their passion and eyes lazy with satisfaction. "I'm warning you...the game isn't over."


"It's just taken an interesting twist." 

"You must be the most optimistic person I've ever met." 

"Do you have any idea why I do what I do?"

He shook his head 'no', although he understood her more than she thought. A middle-class upbringing with older parents, only child, had always towed the line and gotten nearly straight A's all the way through college. She'd broken free of the boredom, the constraints of rules. Right or wrong, he understood it on some level. To a certain extent, they were the similar. He understood being addicted to the chase, the thrills, the unknown, the risks. 

She leaned up and sunk her teeth into his bottom lip before saying, "Fuck me again, Jake. Make me scream." 

He moaned and ravaged her mouth with his tongue. Damn, he could do this all night long. 

A little voice inside warned him to heed her words about this being a plot twist. Even though she was bound beneath him, a part of him wondered if he had played perfectly into her plan.

Keep reading Bounty, story 2 of the Daydreams erotic paranormal romance short story collection today...critics calling it "bite-sized pieces of ecstasy"...

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Getting Frisky with the Fabulous Pandora Sparks #FridayReads #EroticRomance

Shining the spotlight on the tantalizing novel, Luke & Bella Two Streets Over by Pandora Sparks!

From the back cover...

Strong-willed ginger Bella Grant is a take-charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure. Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world-weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead. They've been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program.

Traveling to romantic destinations, staying in first-class hotels, finding adventure at every turn, it's not surprising that the two fall in love. Luke is stunned to realize that Bella is the woman he's looked for his whole life. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous.

The only thing is, Luke hasn't been completely up front with her. He hasn't told her that he's into BDSM. He could play it safe, keep the relationship going exactly the way it is. But Luke wants more. As a Dominant, he craves the intimacy that a Dom/sub relationship provides. And he knows without a doubt that Bella is the perfect submissive. How will she react if he approaches her about submitting to him as a Dominant? Maybe she'd be intrigued by the idea. On the other hand, he could lose her forever.

Life on the road working with Bella is great. Nights spent in Bella's arms are amazing. Should Luke just be satisfied with the way things are? Or should he risk everything on the chance that they could have it all?


Instantly, Bella was on the laptop, researching Marrakech and making hotel reservations.  After a few clicks, she looked up.  “Okay, I have us booked in the Pool Suite at Palais Namaskar in Marrakech,” she told Luke.

“The Pool Suite?” he questioned, eyebrow arched suggestively.

“Very private.  Very Moroccan,” she said.  “Now, when I think of Morocco I think of the souks, so I want to visit, but do you suppose that’s too tourist for us?  Also, I understand that there’s quite a community of British expats there, we might look into that…”

“Bella, stop,” he said.

“What?  What do you mean?  We need to know what we’re doing.  Charlie’s office will be sending us the tickets, and I know we don’t leave until tomorrow, but still…”

“Baby girl, hush,” Luke said firmly.

Bella stopped talking, not comprehending.

“It’s been a busy week and we’ve gotten a lot done.  It’s time to get quiet,” he said, all calm intensity.  “In twenty minutes, I want you in the bedroom in ready position.  And I want you to get out that vibrator.”
She blinked, “Luke, seriously, we need to get ready to go.  We need to pack and get organized, and…”

He took her chin in his hand and fixed her with a stern gaze.  “Do as I say, baby girl.”

And in her mind, she switched gears.  “Yes Sir,” she answered quietly.

Twenty minutes later, Bella was freshly showered and kneeling on the floor of the bedroom, nude and trying to calm her breathing.  She’d placed the vibrator on the floor next to her.  Why do I feel so nervous? she wondered.

Luke entered the room wordlessly and she looked up at him as he’d said he wanted.  His gaze was fierce and he bent to blindfold her with his black tie.  “We’ll be getting a proper blindfold as soon as possible,” he murmured.

He walked away from her and Bella strained to listen, to pick up any clues as to what else he had in mind.  When he returned to her it was to move her right hand behind her and tie something around it.  She moved her left hand behind her as well.  Whack.  He smacked her ass, sharply.  “Do. Not. Anticipate,” he growled.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

He finished tying her hands behind her, and then stood looking at her for a moment.  He could tell that she was trying to figure out what he was doing so he intentionally waited.  To her credit, she was still and kept her pose.

When he moved back to her, he cupped her cheek in his hand.   “Let it all go, baby girl.”  She rested her cheek in his palm, sighing deeply.  He stood over her, gently stroking her hair, watching the tension melt from her body.

“Now stand,” he hissed in her ear.  She stood and he stood behind her, caressing her sensuously, her breasts with their rock-hard nipples, her stomach that quivered under his touch, her sex, wet with her desire.  He plunged his finger into her soft wetness and was rewarded with a gasp.  Withdrawing from her inner softness, he stroked her lips, smearing her juices there.  “Open your mouth, baby girl.  Fellate my finger.”  She greedily took his finger into her mouth and sucked it sensuously.

She wants you, Cowboy, he thought to himself.  How did I ever get so lucky? he wondered, not for the first time.

He kissed her neck, starting behind her ear and moving down to her shoulder, and she was covered in goose-flesh.  He smiled, enjoying her response.  “Baby girl, what am I going to do with you?”

“Let’s go,” he whispered.  She was wobbly, having knelt for so long, and she was off balance with her hands tied behind her, so he helped her walk.  He led her to the bed and had her lean over it, resting her head on the coverlet.  “I just want to look at you.  You’re mine, you know.”  He started to undress himself.

“I’m yours, Sir,” she whispered back.

“You anticipated earlier and got a spank.  My hand print is on your ass.”

“Thank you, Sir.  I love being marked by you,” she responded.

“Get on your knees on the bed,” he commanded.  “Put your head down.  Ass up, head down.”

She did as she was told.  He put his palms on her backside and gently stroked her with both hands all the way down the backs of her thighs before moving his hands between her legs and working his way up.  He paused there, stroking her sex, then picked up the vibrator and switched in on.  Bella heard the buzzing and felt herself get even wetter.

Luke smirked.  “You’re a naughty girl, having this thing,” he scolded.

“A girl gets lonely, Sir,” she responded.

“Not anymore, she doesn’t,” he growled.  He began to stroke her sex with the vibrator, caressing her on the outside.  She started shuddering and grinding herself onto the device.  “You do not have permission to come, baby girl,” he reminded her.  

She groaned softly.

Luke knelt on the bed behind her and stroked her with himself, moving the toy in front of her and continuing to massage her with it.  She was so wet his erection was soon glistening with her sweetness.

He sat next to her and drew her up so she was sitting on his lap facing him.  “I want to see your eyes, baby girl,” he said, and he took off the blindfold.  She blinked at him and smiled shyly.

He leaned her away and gazed at her for a moment.  Then his hands were on her again.  He fondled her breasts, he groped her sex, he raised her up and took her breast in his mouth.  She let out a low moan.  He worked her nipple with his tongue.

“Oh, Sir…shi….tttt!” she groaned.

He pulled her close and she felt his rock-hard sex against hers.  He rubbed her hard with his erection and she moaned with pleasure.  “Don’t you come yet,” he warned.

He continued like that for another eternity, it seemed to her.  “I’m taking you now,” he growled.  He raised her up and slid her onto him, plunging himself into her warm wet space.  She gasped for air and cried out, instinctively working her hips back and forth as she rode him.  “Oh, baby girl,” he moaned.  “You feel so…”  He knew he couldn’t possibly last.  “Come when you will.”

She was ready and immediately enjoyed her release, clenching around his erection and pushing him over the edge.  They were loud and they didn’t care.  Breathing hard, he pulled her close and held her tightly.

“I love you, baby girl,” he gasped.

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