Friday, April 13, 2018

Tempted and Hunted in the #newrelease Decadent Deception #PNR

It's new release time--finally--and I'm celebrating! 
Check out my new sizzling erotic paranormal romance paired with a riveting suspense plot, Decadent Deception. 
Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Is she a witch or simply a baker? Santa Fe sets the scene in this electrifying erotic thriller. Take a glimpse inside--Adult Content Warning. 

From the back cover

The truth will set you free...or destroy you. That's the issue that psychic Lisa Vanderveen struggles with when she meets Blake Santore. A baker slash animal communicator, she is taken off-guard by the sexy man with the sad dog who has a past too terrible to fathom. Telling him the truth of what she sees could send him on a path of revenge and destruction, but keeping silent could be equally destructive in the long run. 

Blake Santore believes his family is dead. A man on the run from his past, he and his dog Greg settle in Santa Fe, New Mexico for some semblance of peace. Tempted by the smell of pastries and the eccentric blonde who runs the bakery, he takes up a daily sugar habit. When his veterinarian refers him to her for his dog's behavior issues, he is unprepared for the news she delivers that unravels his already fragile world. 

Is she telling the truth or is she a lunatic? Blake doesn't believe in psychics, but then again he hadn't believed he would ever take his dog to an animal communicator before now either. The story she suggests is an unbelievable act of betrayal. Has his ex-wife truly faked her death and the death of his children? If so, why? Where are they? If true, then he wants revenge. 

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Lisa can't tell, but the chemistry between them is too hypnotic for either to ignore. Her visions open a door of treachery, danger, and intense erotic exploration as they navigate their way toward truth. Will the reality of the deception crush their love, get them killed, or ultimately set them both free? 

Adult content excerpt

A glance out the front window showed the patrol cars and Kevin leaning into one of them, laughing about whatever had been said. The vivid New Mexico sunset paintedthe sky in hues of red and gold, creating a scene so serene that he almost forgot that someone had blown up his rental house and murdered the FBI agent coming to see him. 


He braced himself on the open refrigeratordoor and took a moment to gather his thoughts. His emotions had been out-of-control all day. The struggle to contain them, to make sense of them, had worn him out. He wanted nothing more than to drink a beer, soak in the hot tub, and go to sleep under the starsnot even bother with a bed. 

Shaking his head to clear his mind, he grabbed two cold beers and walked back outside to sit with the wild, dirt-covered witchy woman who had lodged herself securely under his skin. 

He stopped at the threshold between patio and house at the sight of Lisa standing naked beneath the spray coming from a garden house. Transfixed, he watched her shake the water from her hair as she moved the hoseover her neck. Dirt slid down the back of her calves and a stream pooled beneath her bare feet. Unaware of him, she bent to turn off the flow to the hose, giving him a great view of her ass, before sauntering toward the hot tub.

He snapped his gaping mouth closed and followed her toward the tub. “Living with you definitely gives a guy a shock or two about every five minutes.”

She glanced over her shoulder and laughed. “I’m used to being alonethis is what I do when I’m by myself.”

“Hose yourself down on the patio and walk around naked?” His gaze drifted over her wet body posed on the steps to the hot tub and lingered on the side view of her breast exposed beneath her arm. 

“Why not?” She arched an eyebrow before moving herself onto the side of the tub and reaching for the beer. “Care to join me, Santore?”

He caught his lower lip between his teeth and narrowed his eyes. Damn, she baffled the hell out of him. “You still have some dirt on your eyelids.”
“Your point?”

He shook his head, not sure he had a point. Without answering, he stripped out of his clothes while she sipped her beer and her gaze roamedover his exposed flesh. His skin tingled as if being physically touched by her fingers. He kicked his jeans aside, picked up his beer bottle, and took a long gulpwhile her gaze locked on his rising cock. 

He had never been with a woman so brazen, one who openly craved his dick as much as he desired her pussy. He sat his bottle down on the edge next to hers before walking up the two steps into the tub and pausing to look down at the curve of her breasts floating against the bubbles. 

“There are people who could come rushing in and find us at any moment,” he reminded her.

“Then I guess they’ll feel awkward and quickly retreat, won’t they? My house, my rules, and I do whatever the hell I want when I want to do it.” She slid to the opposite side of the tub and flicked her finger in a come-hither motion while her smile slowly widened. “I want you balls deep inside me.”

“What the lady wants, the lady gets,” he said as he slid into the hot water. 

When her feet drifted up his thighs, he grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her toward him. Her head dunked under water briefly before he snagged her around the waist and pulled her hard against him. Not waiting for words, he smashed his mouth against hers and ravaged her with his tongue. 

With her, he forgot…everything. 

With her nipples grazing his chest and her mouth hot on his, he forgot that he had lost all his wealth and had nothing to offer but himself. 

With her hand cupping his balls and sliding up his cock, he forgot that he’d been the most alone a person could be for the past two years. 

With her teeth nipping along his chin, he forgot his vow to punish himself for the rest of his life for not being able to protect his children. 

He pulled her out of the water, set her butt on the side of the tub, and spread her legs wide in front of his face. Slowly, he licked her clit and sank his fingers into her thighs. He devoured her as if shewas his favorite feast and hehadbeen fasting for too long. He sucked and licked and savored until her cunt trembled beneath his chin and her hands pulled painfully at his hair. 

He pulled her back down, kissing his way up her abdomen, between her breasts, over her neck, until he once again claimed her lips. Hands on her ass, he slammed his cock deep inside her, ramming himself balls deep and grinding his hips against hers until she screamed in ecstasy. He lost himself to the sensation of her pussy clenching around his dick. 

He liked fuckingfucking like this. Hard. Wild. Free. Under the sky with the wind moving the treesand water bubbling around their thrusting and grinding bodies. Wet. Rough. 

He dragged his mouth over her face before arching his back and coming in a rush of heat. The release left him weak. He dropped his head against her hair and gasped for breath. 

Lisa laughed softly against his shoulder, her hands lazily drifting down his biceps, and whispered against his skin, “Damn, I could get used to having you whenever I want.”

“Likewise.” He lifted his head and brushed the strands of wet hair from her eyes. He met her gaze and smiled. “Are you going to tell me what you really did this afternoon that required such an effort?”

When she responded with a wink and a reach for her beer bottle, he knew his instinct had been right. His witchy woman kept secrets, but instead of being concerned, a sense of relief washed through his veins because he knewwith a certainty he couldn’t explain—that whatever she did, she did to protect him. 

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