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It Only Takes a SPARK to fall in love #PNR

He's a naughty fallen angel...she's a reckless mountain guide...together they're combustible! 
Taking a look inside the erotic supernatural romance, SPARK! 

Back cover blurb...

Calvin Ritchie wants solitude and isn't about to let a wildfire stop him from doing exactly what he wants. An action-adventure movie star, he is in Ouray for a weekend as far away from prying eyes as he can get. He is at a crossroads in his life. As part of a group of fallen angels that needs to either find redemption or be damned for eternity, Calvin is being tested by both light and dark forces.

When a sexy movie star wants to hire her to guide him into Box Canyon despite the wildfire raging miles south of town, local mountain guide Willow Leslie says yes. Never one to turn down an adventure—or a big payday—she ignores the warnings and trusts her skills as they head out for a holiday weekend. 

What they don't know is that an arsonist is loose in the forest and has started a second fire that traps them in the canyon. Bound by survival, they embark on a journey of erotic exploration and internal reckoning as the flames spread closer each day. 

Will Calvin find that spark of redemption he needs to rescue them from certain death? Can Willow learn to trust someone other than herself enough to let love melt her jaded heart? 

An content

"What's with your obsession over the drone footage? You look like a guy who is looking for something rather than a guy watching himself having a good time."

He laughed. He had expected a question about his personal life—at least that is what he had hoped for. "I would rather not answer that."

"You said I could ask you anything."

"In your show, you're always very chatty with clients."

"You're different."


She tilted her head toward the sky and declined to answer. 

He smiled because, for the first time since meeting her, he sensed a crack in her detached facade. Maybe, in fact, she was more interested in him than he had assumed. 

She started unbraiding her hair. He couldn't stop watching her do such a simple task. As her fingers worked out the braid, she hummed quietly to herself. He leaned back in his chair and appreciated all of it—the shadows across the canyon, the glow of the dragonfly lantern illuminating their little space on the bank, the sound of the stream rippling past only a few feet away. The bite of the cool mountain air licked over his skin. 

"You have beautiful hair."

"Thank you." She stared at the water flowing several feet away and brushed her fingers through the waves that fell to her elbows. "Why did you want to do this? You were so adamant that it had to be this weekend, no matter what, fire be damned. Are you hiding from something, Cal?"

"You were right—I'm looking for something."

She smiled through the veil of hair. "I hope I can help you find it."

Damn, is she seriously coming onto me? Or am I imagining the signals? Are there signals?

He stretched his legs out in front of him and wondered what do now. The combination of the oxy and bourbon dulled the chatter that started as usual with the setting of the sun. A familiar restlessness gnawed at him from the inside to do more, be more. Silence usually called forth the demons that tormented him. He tapped his feet against the ground and waited for the inevitable pull from the darkness. 

"What do you usually do overnight on your shoots for your show?" he asked because her silence unnerved him. He wasn't used to being with people who could simply sit and be quiet. Everyone he knew usually fell over themselves trying to compete for his attention with some stupid story or brazen move. Not Willow. She sat next to him, hair free around her shoulders, and stared at the water. 

She looked sad, he realized. Not the sobbing kind of sadness that wanted attention, but the soft kind that hinted at deep sorrow. He wanted to know why and that surprised him. He normally didn't care about the pettiness of human stresses. He found that most people were oblivious to their blessings and consumed with greed—and that bored him. He knew that assessment didn't fit Willow Leslie. 

"We normally chat and get to know each other," she said after a long pause. "The crew is usually here—Billy and Steve—so they liven up the conversation."

"Billy and Steve? You only have two cameramen?"

"Yes, just the two. You've seen the show," she cast him a long look, "They're good guys. They're up in Crested Butte this weekend." 

"Why did you want to do the show? You're a former Olympic skier—shouldn't you be coaching or judging or commentating on competitions? Isn't that the usual path?"

"I don't like the usual path." 

"Fair enough." He took another swig from his flask. 

"Why do you drink so much?"

"To drown out the voices in my head."

She laughed. 

"Seriously." He tapped his forefinger against his forehead. "They never shut up."

"We all have those voices."

"What do yours say?"

"That you're dangerous and I need to steer clear."

"They're right. I am the most dangerous adventure you could ever have." 

"I've been known to crave a danger or two."

His desire grew when she actually looked excited at the idea. 

"Want to know what my dare is?" 

"Ah, the dare. I forgot about that."

He squinted at her profile and grinned because he knew that was a lie. His angel senses might be dulled but he knew a lie when he smelled one. 

"Well? What is it? What would you like me to do?"


She twisted in the chair and gaped at him. "What?"

"It's only fair. You've seen me naked twice now and I want you to strip for me."

"You think I won't?" She arched an eyebrow. 

"I know you will." His smiled widened. 

"Fine. I need to change clothes anyway. It's getting cold. You're very predictable, Cal. I expected more creativity."

"Oh, I can be creative. If you're lucky, you'll find out exactly how creative I can be."

"I think you're all hype."

"Test me, baby, test me. I would love to prove you wrong."

He folded his arms across his chest, the flask dangling from his fingertips, and waited while she moved to stand in front of him. The glow of the lantern light cast golden shadows across her face. She smiled at him—completely confident and unafraid, almost as if she had wanted him to dare her to strip. Slowly, she rolled the hem of her t-shirt over her flat abdomen and inched it over her bra. She did so with such deliberation that he wondered if she had done this before. Over the sports bra it went. She cast it aside before peeling off her jeans with a swish-swish of her hips that had him shifting on the chair. She stood in front of him dressed in white cotton panties and a white cotton sports bra. Long arms, long legs, long hair—he wanted her wrapped around him. 

"Why don't you help me with the rest?" she asked. 

He leaned forward, unsure that he had heard her correctly. "What did you say?"

"These sports bras can be so hard to get on and off. A little help please?" She smiled the smile of a woman who knows her power. 

Without waiting for an answer, she walked into the round tent with the wild pillows and stood at the center, back to him. 

He jumped from the chair, dropped his flask to the ground, and followed her inside with a degree of awe. He hadn't expected her to strip...let alone ask him to help. Perhaps a part of him had hoped she would tell him to fuck off—but this unexpected response only deepened his fascination. 

He stopped behind her, an inch away and allowed his gaze to roam over the hair that fell to the middle of her back. He traced one finger down her spine and over the indent of her waist before sliding it up her arm toward her shoulder. He had seen beautiful women—Willow wasn't beautiful in an expected way, yet he had never before felt so enchanted. She emanated power and grace and stood before him like a goddess. Goosebumps rose on her skin where he touched. He heard her slight intake of breath. 

 He skimmed his fingertips beneath her hair and across her bare shoulder before sliding both hands over the front of her bra. He couldn't remember ever stripping a woman out of a sports bra before, but he liked the feeling of rolling it up and over her head, freeing her breasts to the night air. He dropped the fabric to the floor, slipped his fingers into her cotton panties and rolled them down her hips, and over her thighs. Kneeling behind her, he lifted first one foot and then the other until she stood naked with him holding both her ankles. 

The lantern's light illuminated her like a spotlight. Still kneeling, he slid his hands over the backs of her legs, kissed the back of her knees, and cupped her ass as he stood. He lifted her hair and pressed his mouth against the back of her neck. His hands roamed beneath her arms to cup her breasts. Keeping one hand on her breast and moving the other down her abdomen, he savored her surrender. 

She tilted her neck to the side to give him full access to nip and lick and kiss her throat from neck to ear. She leaned against his chest. 

He turned her around to face him and kneeled in front of her. He nudged her legs apart and looked up at the curve of her breasts above the flat abdomen. He grinned when he noticed the piercing in her belly button and the tattoo of an angel curving across her hipbone. He knew without being told that this was the angel she claimed to have seen that day of her crash. He leaned up and kissed it. He grabbed her ass. He licked and sucked her clit while gripping her ass to hold her steady. He feasted on her, felt her thighs tremble against his face. He devoured her as if she were a sacrifice given to appease him. Her fingers curled in his hair and she ground her hips against his eager tongue. 

He moved quickly and pulled her to the pillows and spread her legs wide before she could say a word or move. He thrust his fingers inside her and returned to her clit. 

She twisted against the pillows, her hips thrusting and back arching. When her body quaked beneath his tongue, he rose up only far enough to free his cock. He needed to be inside her and he needed to be there now. 

He reached for his backpack and retrieved a condom while she propped herself up on her elbows and watched. Anticipation rolled off of her in waves of pheromones that urged him to move faster. 

He peeled off his clothes, managed to roll the condom onto his cock and rammed himself inside of her. Her cunt clenched over his penis and held him tight as he buried himself to his balls and ground his hips against hers. He sank his teeth into her shoulder, claiming her. 

Her hands were all over him—moving across his back, along his shoulders, into his hair. 

They kissed—finally—mouths hungry for each other and breath tangling while tongues danced together. He fucked her like a wild animal and kissed her like a starving man. The orgasm ripped through him from his toes, through his torso, through his lungs, and through the top of his head. He arched his head backward as he came—hard. 

Her legs held him to her. Her fingernails sank into his biceps. 

A familiar itch slid down his back and the felt the stirrings of his hidden wings aching to be set free. He shoved deeper into her until she cried out from a combination of pain and pleasure. His wings spread out behind him and blocked out the lantern light. 

Her head was back, eyes closed, body writhing underneath him like an untamed creature succumbing to primal urges. Her blonde hair spread out across the neon pink and green pillows. 

He slid his cock from her, grabbed her hips and flipped her over before she could see his wings. He pounded into her from behind and grabbed her breasts—squeezed until she moaned. He reached one hand around and touched her ass. He wanted her every way he could have her. He slid a finger into her wet cunt before sliding it over her asshole. Slowly, he slid off his used condom and pushed the tip of his cock into her. She froze but didn't protest. Instead she pushed her butt back against him. He grabbed her hips and eased his girth into her until she screamed and bent her head back. He wrapped her long hair around his fist and thrust into her, rode her ass and yanked her hair until he came again. 

Her scream became a low purr of satisfaction. She pressed her forehead against the pillow. 

His wings shuttered at his side, their mass taking up the entirety of the round tent. He pushed her head back down when she tried to turn to look at him. He didn't want to use his powers to make her forget what had happened and wasn't prepared to show her his true self. 

He had never shown a woman his wings. 

He kissed her spine from between her shoulder blades down to the curve of her ass. He nipped the side of her hip and waited until his wings settled back inside before turning her onto her back. 

Her hair wrapped around her face and neck. She blinked at him with a slow smile stretching across her lips. 

"That was unexpected." She flung an arm above her head. 

He took the opportunity to trace the outline of her breasts and to simply look at her. He could lie and tell her that this hadn't been part of his plan—but he had known all along that would end up balls deep inside her. It had only been a question of timing. 

He had never faced a challenge he couldn't win. 

He focused on the tattoo and his smile slipped when he recognized one of the angels who pestered him on a regular basis—Marisol—staring up at him from the woman he had just thoroughly fucked and who he planned on fucking again and again until dawn. 

Every fiber of his being quaked with anger—sudden and hot. 

This had been a trap.

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Confessions at Alcatraz, a glimpse inside the erotic #PNR series #NewRelease

A glimpse inside book three of the erotic paranormal series, Uncharted Territory--think...Ghost Adventures meets Fifty Shades of Grey in this wild six-part series. 

Paperback (includes all six stories in one book)

Overview of the series...

Josh and Bethany star in the Uncharted Territory paranormal investigation television show where they travel the world facing down ghosts, exploring myths, traveling to other dimensions----all while fighting their love for each other. Being hassled by demons? No problem—the Uncharted Territory team is on the case! Dealing with unseen portals into alternate realities? Josh and Bethany are ready to explore! Whatever the mystery, the Uncharted Territory crew is ready to solve it. While the fans are entertained by what goes on in front of the camera, the real drama occurs behind the scenes while Josh and Bethany dabble in erotic exploration and deny their real-life love affair. Each book is an episode—as their team gets into trouble again and again. From the Bermuda Triangle to Mayan caves deep in the jungles of Central America, this erotic paranormal series tackles each mystery with a smile and an open-mind. Through all the misadventures and close calls, Josh and Bethany are afraid of only one  

A peek inside Book Three, Confessions at Alcatraz...

He smelled delectable sweetness and felt the warmth of a tongue slip across his neck. Moaning, he opened one eye and saw Bethany leaning over him. Her hair had come loose from the haphazard ponytail she'd worn to jog and tendrils stuck to the side of her face. Smiling, she held up a pink bag. 

"Did you run off your edginess?" he asked.

"I met our welcoming committee." She dropped the bag between them and sat cross-legged on top of the blanket. "Wake up. I need to talk to you."

"Beth, c'mon, we've got a long day and night ahead of us."

He rolled onto his stomach and buried his face in the pillow. Mornings weren't on his list of favorite things. He was a night-dweller, at his peak performance around midnight. 

"Josh, I'm serious." She poked him in the shoulder. 

He grinned and twisted his head only enough to look at her with one eye. 

She opened the bag and tilted the opening toward him, a devilish smile on her face. "Josh...I know you want a taste."

Oh, he definitely wanted a taste. 

"You don't play fair."

"You asked for a treat." She shrugged, a look of false innocence on her face. 

His erection tented the sheet at the thought of stripping her naked and getting her back in bed where she belonged. Surrendering, he pushed up on his elbows and let her feed him a bite of the chocolate doughnut. 

"It's warm," he said, surprised at the hot cream filling that squirted into his mouth. 

"Freshly made." Without breaking eye contact, she stuck her tongue into the yellow cream gushing out of the side of the doughnut and licked it before taking her own generous bite. 

He swallowed hard, unable to look away from her vivid blue eyes. He didn't think he'd ever get used to the idea that she truly wanted him as much as he wanted her. He may have a reputation as a playboy—and maybe he had flaunted that too much over the years—but what he felt for Bethany surpassed anything he'd felt for anyone in his life. The mere suggestion that they could become a we off-camera blew his mind. 

When she extended the pastry in his direction again, he took a bite before sitting up fully and grabbing her wrist.

"Hey, look at me." He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at her look of confusion. "You're all over the place this morning. I need you to focus."

She slid her hand over the erection lifting the sheet and grinned, a tiny fleck of chocolate frosting on her lip. "Any specific area where you'd like my undivided attention?"

He kissed the corner of her lip and removed the remaining chocolate with his tongue before whispering, "I want you to simply stop moving. Can you do that?" 

"I thought—"

He silenced her with his mouth fully engaging hers. She tasted like Bavarian cream, chocolate, and all of his dreams come true. He kissed her until he felt her physically sag against him and heard her sigh. 

"Josh," she whispered against his lips, "I need to talk to you."

"Talk later." He pushed the pastry bag aside and shifted his weight so that he pressed her back onto the mattress. Getting her to settle down became his sole focus. Manic energy pulsated off of her with the intensity of an electrical storm.

He yanked her t-shirt up to her shoulders before shoving the sports bra beneath her armpits. He nipped first one breast before focusing on the other. All of his attention centered on calming her down and satisfying them both so that maybe—just maybe—they could get a few hours of sleep. 

He liked her sweaty and pumped up. Her heartbeat pulsated against her chest while he caressed one breast and savored the other with his mouth. Her fingers slid into his hair. He nibbled his way from breast to pelvic bone while he shoved the tight yoga pants down her hips. 

He slipped his tongue over her clit in a feather-like movement meant to tease rather than please while he peeled the remaining clothes from her long legs. He'd never get tired of stripping her naked. 

He twisted free of the sheets tangled around his waist and adjusted her legs around him. Meeting her gaze, he laughed when he noticed she held the half-eaten doughnut in one hand. 

"Am I boring you? Are you snacking while I'm playing?" he asked. 

She turned her head toward her hand and laughed. "I forgot I had it."

"Feed me." He crawled over her, his erect penis pressing against her abdomen while he claimed his treat. 

She put the pastry into his mouth before taking a bite for herself. Chocolate and cream slid over his tongue while his eyes locked on hers. They swallowed before kissing each other, the sweetness lingering on their lips as they savored one another. 

Beth slid her feet up the back of his legs before linking her ankles behind his thighs. 

He'd wanted to linger, toy with her, make her squirm, but now he simply wanted to be inside her warmth. Without breaking the kiss, he reached under her hips, squeezed her ass, and adjusted himself to sink deep inside her. He moved slowly, going deep inch by inch until she arched upward demanding his full length. 

Eyes wide open, they stared at each other as their mouths clung and their hips rocked. She sank her fingers into his lower back as he deliberately kept the pace slow and steady. 

"Faster," she urged into his open mouth.

So he went slower, pulling his cock out of her and then easing back inside until she moaned with frustration. Smiling, he dragged his mouth from hers and kissed the side of her neck where she still smelled like sweat, fresh air, and pastry. 

One hand went to her breast while the other supported his weight. He liked making her beg, enjoyed the twisting of her hips against his, loved the feel of her heartbeat pulsating beneath his hands, thrilled at the darkening of her blue eyes as desire consumed her from the inside out and savored the clenching of her pussy around his cock. 

"Josh." She caught her lower lip between her teeth while her fingernails embedded themselves in his back. 

Unable to remain calm and controlled, he slammed himself deep inside her at an increased pace. Her body convulsed beneath him, vagina clutching his penis as her orgasm ripped through her like a wave. He rose up, grabbed her hips with both of his hands and rammed faster until he came with a force that rendered him blind and spent.

He fell against her and simply breathed for a minute while her arms wrapped him a fierce hug. "That's why we're never going back to separate rooms again."

She laughed against his shoulder, her breath hot against his skin. "You think sex solves everything."

"It does." He rolled from her and eyed the pink bag and the coffee going cold. With a long sigh, he propped up to sitting and gave her a sidelong glance. "So, what were you saying about a welcoming committee?"

She pulled the t-shirt and sports bra free and crawled beneath the sheets before answering, "You know what? It doesn't matter. Now I'm tired."

"Our coffee is going cold."

"There's a microwave." She pulled her hair free of the ponytail before curling around a pillow. Hesitancy entered her eyes when she met his gaze. "Josh...let's not split up at all today. Not just us, the entire crew. I think we need to stick together at all times."

He frowned because that's not how they worked in venues this large. A lot of planning had already gone into deciding on different staging areas. He grabbed the remaining doughnut and took a few bites before looking at her face again. When he saw that she still stared at him with sleepy yet worried eyes, he turned on his side and held the last bite of the doughnut to her lips. 

She smiled before eating it. "You do strange things to my equilibrium, Josh Ryder." 

"That's my plan." He joined her beneath the covers, too tired to shower and not really caring to leave her alone. Twisting onto his side, he mirrored her action with the pillow and grinned. "I figure that if I keep you off balance, you'll be too busy trying to figure me out to ever leave me." 

"Oh yeah?" She touched her fingertips to the side of his face. "You're excited about this Alcatraz investigation, aren't you?"

"Are you going to tell me why you suddenly have cold feet about it?" He scooted closer, exhausted from traveling. They hadn't arrived in San Francisco until after midnight. Her early morning excursion had interrupted an already fitful night's sleep.  He absently twirled an ebony curl around his finger as he breathed in her scent. He wanted more than inside her body...he wanted inside those inner recesses she kept locked away from view. He sometimes doubted he'd ever gain access, though. "Tell me whatever you need to tell me. I'm listening. Promise."

"They're waiting for us," she whispered. "The ghosts know who we are and that we're on our way. I saw one—he was as clear as day in the park. They want us there."

After all they'd witnessed, nothing about the paranormal surprised him anymore. He respected the unknown and never underestimated a person's intuition. 

"We'll be okay, Beth. We'll adjust the plan accordingly."

"We've been through worse things, right?" 

"Definitely." He scooped her close and rested his chin on top of her head. He held her until he felt she'd finally drifted off to sleep. 

He twirled a finger in her hair and thought of whatever waited for them on Alcatraz. He'd been having strange dreams for the past few days, almost like echoes of past prisoners who demanded attention. He closed his eyes and fought the urge to lash out against whatever darkness lurked in the shadows of that empty prison. Provoking usually led to disaster, he knew that, yet his protective instincts rattled at the idea that any otherworldly entity would harm Beth. 

Not this time. Never again. 

Even as he thought the words, he knew he couldn't control destiny. 

Find out what happens on Alcatraz...Full series available on kindle unlimited AND everywhere in paperback 

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Sexy #antihero to Get Your Heart Racing #NewRelease

Today on Frisky Friday, I'm shining the spotlight on Amber Lea Easton's new release, Ex-Pat! It's an adrenaline pumping, action-packed romantic suspense about an Ex-Pat pursuing a dream in Mexico and an undercover DEA agent who walks the line between right and wrong. Take a peek inside! 

From the back cover...

Maggie Madison is finally living the life of her dreams in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where she partners with two old friends to own a beach bar named the Purple Parrot. It has always been her fantasy to chuck the corporate world of Chicago to embrace a simpler life of tourists and margaritas, and when her dad dies and family divides, she decides to take the plunge. 

Her old friends are running a side-game with the cartel. When Maggie discovers that the cartel not only has its fingers in her business but also owns her condominium building, it's too late to get out. Torn between the cartel and a corrupt local government that runs the police, she becomes immersed in a game of survival. 

Salvador Acosta (alias Cruz) has been an undercover DEA agent for too many years to count. He thought he had lost any semblance of humanity after the things he has seen and been forced to do for the sake of the greater good. When he encounters Maggie, he has a choice to make—blow his cover by helping her or watch a good woman be torn in two. He has made this choice before—and has always chosen loyalty to his country over compassion for an innocent—but this time is different. Maggie reminds him of who he used to be before darkness eclipsed any hope he had had for a normal life. She reminds him of home—of love and laughter and possibility. 

As they traverse a dangerous affair in the shadows, they know that they are risking their lives with every kiss. Danger lurks around every turn as the two navigate their way through corruption, deadly foes, and false allies for a chance at love and freedom. Can they escape the grip of a relentless crime syndicate as they succumb to the pull of desire? 

An excerpt...

"We are intense."
She grinned. "We are."
"We are not having sex."
She arched an eyebrow and smirked. "And last night you told me we shouldn't be seen together, yet here we stand sharing our stories on a deserted beach straight out of a movie scene."
"Have you ever had sex on a beach? It's overrated."
"Maybe you were with the wrong woman."
"Most likely."
She turned and walked toward the water. She stopped, swayed her ass, and slowly shimmied out of her shorts to reveal the blue thong and her delectable ass. She strutted toward the water without looking back at him. 
He pulled off the t-shirt and jogged to catch up. He splashed past her and dove head first into an oncoming wave. He swam hard in the sea, using all of his pent up energy with every stroke. It felt good to swim like this without armed men around and with someone who knew who he really was. He treaded water and watched her emerge next to him. 
"This is incredible," she said with a laugh. "It's like we have the world to ourselves."
He slipped beneath the water and swam toward shore. Conflicting and fiery emotions swirled in his heart. He could escape for a few hours, but the knowledge of what Navarro's crew was doing back in Playa del Carmen hung heavy on him. Not that he could stop it—if anything, he would be witnessing something horrendous if he were there. He didn't stop swimming until his knees smashed into the sandy bottom. 
Maggie rose up from the water next to him. Droplets slid down her long legs as she moved away. He grabbed her ankle. She looked down, water sliding down her flesh and wet hair sticking to her neck. She resembled a sea goddess observing her next victim before she sank to her knees in front of him. 
He moved his hands up her thighs. His thumbs slid beneath the pale blue cloth of the thong before gliding over her waist. He inched forward and kissed each flying dove tattooed on her side before licking salt from between her breasts. He curved his hands over her ass before finally claiming her mouth with his. 
She gripped his shoulders as he laid her down in the shallow water. Waves undulated around them, pushing their bodies together as they devoured each other's mouths. Tongues danced together in erotic exploration. His hands roamed her flesh from hip to breast and back again. Sand slid around and beneath them in a sensual caress. 
Maggie's legs wrapped around him and held him close. Her fingers were in his hair, on his face, over his shoulders. 
The Caribbean washed over them and into their mouths. They laughed and kissed and breathed as one. Nothing existed beyond this moment or outside of this place. 
"Tide's coming in," he said after another wave nearly tossed them onto shore. 
"Yeah, we're going to drown."
He rolled off of her and dragged her to her feet. They stumbled through the pull of the water until firmly on dry sand. He fell back onto a towel. She grabbed his erection and nibbled his shoulder. He closed his eyes and allowed her to touch him wherever she wanted. When her tongue flicked over his mouth, he grabbed her by the hair and ground his lips against hers. 
He fumbled with her bikini top until he finally pushed it off of her body. He flipped her onto her back and paused a moment to appreciate the site of her naked breasts. Smiling, he flicked his tongue over a nipple before sucking on one breast while squeezing the other. She surpassed his fantasies. Her body was made to be worshipped by him. She tasted like salt and sweat and beer.
She pressed her hips against his erection. Her fingernails sunk into his back.
He wanted to bury himself inside her, rock into her hard and slow, watch her eyes widen with desire and orgasm. 
He buried his face in the curve of her neck, both hands on her breasts, and wrapped within the circle of her limbs. 
"We need to stop," he muttered. 
"Who says?"
He opened his eyes, propped himself up enough to look into her face, and stared into hers. 
"I don't want to stop."
"Maggie, you're worth more than a one-time thing."
"Why does it need to be a one-time thing?" 
He sobered, the joy of the moment fading now that they were on solid ground. "Because when we get back, I belong to Navarro." 
She rolled away from him and stretched out on her own towel. Bare breasted and covered in sand with her wet hair sticking to her face and neck, she looked like a mermaid who had washed up onto shore. 
"In my world, sex is not taken seriously," he said, still propped on his elbows. "It is a commodity to be traded, recreation that means nothing."
She looked at him through narrowed eyes but remained silent. 
"You mean something more than that to me."
"You don't know me."
"I know that you have been the only good thing in my life for three months," he said with a small grin. "You have been the one thing I looked forward to every day. Whatever horrendous event unfolded, I would think...tonight I will see Maggie. In two hours, I will see Maggie. If I can just survive this moment, I will see Maggie. And that would be enough." 
"You break my heart, Salvador."
Hearing her say his true name broke something open in his heart that he had locked away a decade ago. He crawled to her and traced a finger through the salt and sand combination on her skin. "Say it again."
He kissed her slowly before falling backward on the sand and blinking at the sky. "Now you cannot say my name again until we are far, far away from here." 
They lay next to each other for a few minutes, serenaded by the steady hum of the ocean. 
"This is a perfect place," she whispered.
The sun had drifted far to the West. 
"Close to perfect, but not really."
"I have seen better."
"You're a buzz kill. I am positive I am not the first person to tell you so." 
He smiled at the sky and reached for her hand in the space on the sand between them. She curled her fingers against his palm. He had learned long ago to live for moments only--and this was a moment worth cherishing because he knew it might be the last one they would ever share. 

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